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1986 Honda  200SX AND 350SX

1986 Honda  200SX AND 350SX1986 Honda  200SX AND 350SX1986 Honda  200SX AND 350SX1986 Honda  200SX AND 350SX1986 Honda  200SX AND 350SX
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1986 Honda 200SX AND 350SX

Just when you thought you could get away easy on this website another pair of leg breakers jumps out to hurt you. I never really got along with three wheelers for some reason. It seems the transition from two to three should have been a easy one for me but I can't even count the number of times I had my leg run over while riding these things Anyway these trikes have wicked cult followings and here are two of the best examples i could add to the collection. The 350X is in awesome condition and ready to rip wheelies up your street or go tear up you local golf course. It has the coveted massive front fork should you be crazy enough to actually air it out in front of your friends. The little brother 200x is in beautiful shape. Both sport original plastics in great condition and stock wheels that aren't destroyed like most of the examples out there today. You would very hard pressed to find these models in this condition. They are virtually new. There are a lot of folks out there that say there is strength in numbers well just add another wheel to things and it all must be good. These bikes are located in sunny California and available immediately. Must have a valid insurance card for me to allow purchase to go through!

Special Modifications:

Price (USD): $12000 FOR THE PAIR

Mileage: 0
Stock # 99
Type: Off-Road


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