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2003 KTM 575 XC Motard

2003 KTM 575 XC Motard2003 KTM 575 XC Motard
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2003 Superbike Universe Custom KTM 575 XC Motard

I built this bike from a brand new 525 EXC. Back in 03 no one had a motored that came from the factory ready to race so you had to build your own. This build used nothing but the best components. Excel hubs and rims with Talon HD spokes, a Franks Racing 580cc big bore with ported head and titanium valves and springs, bored Kehien Carb and open velocity stacks for clean breathing brought 72hp to the rear wheel. The front and rear suspension was optimized by GMD Computrack set for 190lb expert racer. This bike absolutely rips! It is extremely balanced and allows for lurid slides into the corners. Super fun! Just watch the high side!

Engine: 580cc big bore
Chassis: KTM Optimzed by GMD
Special Modifications:

Price (USD): $5500

Mileage: 900
Stock # 92
Type: Off-Road


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