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1987  Yamaha FZR750RT

1987  Yamaha FZR750RT1987  Yamaha FZR750RT1987  Yamaha FZR750RT1987  Yamaha FZR750RT1987  Yamaha FZR750RT1987  Yamaha FZR750RT
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1987 Yamaha Yamaha FZR750RT

This bike was the start of Yamaha's move toward superbike racing homogalation specials in the late 80's. I remember walking into the local Yamaha shop and seeing this bike on the floor in all its glory. With a $8999 price tag and the requirement that you produce a AMA or WERA superbike license to be a actual purchaser this bike owning it would have been the holy grail for fledgling road racers. Just 150 bikes were released to the racing public in the US in 1987 making this bike a 'under the radar' collectable for now. I believe this bike will follow in the path of the later model 0W-01 that came just a few years later and is now a 'unobtainium" bike. This particular bike is in perfect condition. With just over 1000 miles on the clock it is barely broken in. The tires, exhaust, brakes and everything else are all original as it should be with a bike of such low miles. It has been stored in my private museum for over 15 years now and will need a complete refreshing of consumables to get it up to speed. It will make a great book end to a Yamaha superbike collection or a perfect contender for WERA V6 vintage superbike. This was the start of the Delta-Box perimeter frames that basically all superbikes went on to adapt. Simple bike to work on also.

Engine: 750cc iN-line 4 cylinder Genesis Frame
Chassis: Aluminum perimeter Delta-Box
Electronics: yamaha
Special Modifications: stock yamaha perfect condition

Price (USD): $12000

Mileage: 1004
Stock # 89
Type: Street


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