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2014 FTR Moto-GP CRT FTR 0014

2014 FTR Moto-GP CRT FTR 00142014 FTR Moto-GP CRT FTR 00142014 FTR Moto-GP CRT FTR 00142014 FTR Moto-GP CRT FTR 00142014 FTR Moto-GP CRT FTR 00142014 FTR Moto-GP CRT FTR 00142014 FTR Moto-GP CRT FTR 00142014 FTR Moto-GP CRT FTR 00142014 FTR Moto-GP CRT FTR 0014
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2014 AVISTA/FTR FTR Moto-GP CRT FTR 0014 - Yonny Hernandez, Hector Barberra

In 2013 Moto-GP grids were getting dangerously thin.The economic meltdown had a crippling effect on the motorcycle and racing industry. Costs to run a proper Moto-GP team were escalating rapidly and series sponsors were leaving the paddocks in herds. With no new money coming in to the sport and existing sponsors trimming budgets the horizon was bleak.. Populated by only 14 factory and factory backed satellite teams there was a distinct possibility that Moto-GP would collapse from lack of industry support. . Dora the managing party of Moto-Gp decided it was time to fill the grids with a support group of bikes that would be far less expensive to put on the track. Instead of the 10's of million dollar commitments to run a factory supported Moto-Gp bike, these new CRT bikes would allow upstart firms to play in the big league arena for a fraction of the cost. For the paulty sum of as little as $300k to $500k range a team could field a CRT bike. Of course these being production based power plant machines the full factory prototypes would still be the front runners but these CRT machines would still start with the Moto-GP and get some TV exposure. Power limitations, electronics and pure development dollars would all but guarantee that they would be at least few seconds a lap slower than the big guns. Some serious concessions were made so these new comers to the Moto-GP party wouldn't be embarrassedly slow compared to the full factory prototype efforts. The overall idea would pit a prototype frame from one of several extremely competent engineering firms with a production based engine. Unlimited ideas, concepts and materials would be allowed to be used in the chassis construction for this class. The frames would be adorned with the best possible suspension components, carbon brakes and unlimited forms of electronics. This concept attracted everal extremely passionate and talented firms whole heartedly embraced the idea of a cost effective Moto-GP bike. The mad scientist Jeff Maloney from GP-Tech constructed a the Franken-bike Suzuki GSXR1000 effort you can view here for sale on our website. That machine is a true backyard special. But lets give him some credit as it was on the Moto-GP grid at Indy!. Another American engineer Rich Stamboli from Attack Performance came up with the strikingly beautiful Attack Moto-GP racer. Where these machines followed the true flavor of the idea of a low cost entry into Moto-Gp several other firms attempted to exploit the rule book. The machine you see here is one of those designed and engineered to actually be completive with the factory prototypes. This was a no expense spared, well financed project that brought together some of the world finest craftsman and most exotic materials. This was one of the machines built for the Avintia team and millions of dollars were poured into this project. The result was a full-on racing prototype saddled with a production based Kawasaki ZX10R superbike motor. The frame is just nothing short of breath taking. Designed by the English firm FTR, it is truly amazing. Adjustable in every possible manner. Motor placement, swingarm pivot,steering neck can all be adjusted up/down/forward and back. Want to get lost in a sea of changes? This could with either be moto nirvana or a fucking nightnare. Fortunately the bike has reams of development notes to assist in setup. All this information was obtained from months of on track testing with Moto-GP caliper riders like Hector Barbarra and Yonny Hernandez. The very highest spec Ohlins front and rear full GP suspension handle the bumps. Carbon rotors and GP Spec Brembo mono-blocks calipers with carbon pads are there to throw out the anchors. These brakes are truly mind boggling in their ability to haul this machine down from 200 mph. The body is all one-off full carbon, with a carbon self supporting seat section. The hand fabricated aluminum fuel tank and oil catch tanks are pure art. Absolutely fascinating precision welds adorn every structural piece. The current power plant is a full on Kawasaki ZX10R superbike motor with over 230 horsepower residing at the rear wheel. Coupled with a full Motec fueling system and a Maranelli electronics package the tire shreading power hits the ground in a completely controlled manner. This is your ticket to Mot-GP for a fraction of the cost. Sale price includes a two full track days with our renowned technicians and chassis engineers to dial this bad boy in to your specific riding style. We can make this your bike. Of course you can also just put this in your living room or office and stare at it like a Picasso or Renoir. Your choice either one is seriously mega cool!

Engine: 1000cc Moto-GP superbike 230 rear wheel horsepower
Chassis: FTR Factory Prototype
Electronics: Motec/Marenelli
Special Modifications: Carbon complete

Price (USD): $150,000

Mileage: 0
Stock # 88
Type: Race


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