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1982 HONDA  CR480R

1982 HONDA  CR480R1982 HONDA  CR480R1982 HONDA  CR480R1982 HONDA  CR480R1982 HONDA  CR480R
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1982 HONDA CR480R

Here we have a really nice original first year production CR480R big bore. This air cooled 2 stroke monster has a bunch of ponies ready to help you win vintage moto or just break your leg trying to kick it. Its old school, fires up first or second kick as long as you can handle the left side kicker. Better have a strong left leg for this bitch. I just start it standing on a block and kicking with my right leg (i'm a pussy). Anyway I has fresh bearing in the head stock, swingarm and wheels. The suspension was just revolved and fresh oil installed. The plastic tank is all original and in great shape. The fenders and side panels are Maier reproduction items and though they are brand new the color is a little off. I believe Vintage Iron has proper HRC red in stock. Other than that the bike is in awesome shape and runs like a cat with a brick of crackers taped to its tail. Power wheelies in 4th! Ready to run Vintage MotoX this summer. Just needs a hero at the controls! Are you a hero?

Engine: 480cc Air Cooled
Chassis: Honda HRC
Electronics: HONDA
Special Modifications: HONDA/MAIER

Price (USD): $3500

Mileage: 0
Stock # 87
Type: Off-Road


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