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1972 Unimog 406

1972 Unimog 4061972 Unimog 4061972 Unimog 4061972 Unimog 4061972 Unimog 4061972 Unimog 4061972 Unimog 4061972 Unimog 4061972 Unimog 406
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1972 Unimog 406

It's not often you come across a UNIMOG. While all the other country estate guys are bouncing around in their jacked-up Jeeps and stupid Hummers you really need to be a standout in the crowd. This 1972 Mercedes Benz Unimog 406 is just the 4x4 ticket to the 'mine is bigger than yours club". When you climb up into the cab,fire up the 6 cylinder 800ft lb of torque MB diesel you will be looking down on the rest of the world. Watch kids on the school bus shift from one side to another as you go by. Nothing like 60 thumbs up from school kids! Rumble down to the local feed store for farm supplies and there is nothing that his monster can't handle. With a 3 ton payload you can fill up the three-way dumping body with anything your heart desires. Watch the other truck and 4x4 drivers gawk with envy when you leave parking area loaded and forge right through the 6ft deep river rather than take the bidge. The body on this true TONKA MOG was completely restored several years ago and finished in a brilliant yellow with diamond plate accents. The bed is a 2inch thick mahogany clear coated and in show condition. On the inside you have completely restored home base to attack the days chores. If you decide that you have to hunt zombies at night just flick a few switches and 8 155 watt Hella spotlights will turn night into day. There are fully working PTO's front and rear for any attachment you desire. Need a bucket loader up front? No problem! Massive snow blower or plow. Just stick the 406 into one of the 24 forward or reverse gears spinning those beautiful Custom powder coated Bead-Lock 20in wheels shod with 58 inch Michelin tires means you can drive over or through anything. Need to pull one of those shitty little Hummers out of the woods? No problem! You are the hero of every snow storm, mud slide or natural catastrophe. With only 21,000km on the clock this Unimog is just getting started in life. If you buy it I'll through in a Soviet AK-47 with 1000 rounds. I mean why not be fully ready when the ZOMBIE apocalypse arrives.

Chassis: MB
Electronics: MB
Special Modifications: VERY NICE

Price (USD): $65000

Mileage: 21000
Stock # 79


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