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1988 Bimota YB7

1988 Bimota YB71988 Bimota YB71988 Bimota YB71988 Bimota YB71988 Bimota YB7
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1988 Bimota YB7

Here is a really nice example of Italian craftsmanship and Japanese engineering. Truly the best of both worlds. This little rocket is powered by a Yamaha FZR400RR SP motor. It spins to 14k rpm to a peak power of 72rwhp. The super screamer motor is wrapped up in this beautiful twin spare aluminum beam frame. Suspension is top of the line Ohlins rear and Cerani up front. Bermbo calipers are responsible to clamp down on the Brembo superbike disks. The body is one piece fiberglass shaped perfectly around the the tiny machine. All in it weighs just 340lbs wet. The bike absolutely falls into corners and then screams its way on to the next one. You end up rowing through the slick shifting 6 speed transmission in your quest to keep the motor in the 8-14k sweet zone. Yes this is a absolute blast to ride. You never will get board thats for sure! Bimota only made few of these little beauties with a total production of just 321 world wide. Only 26 came into the United States with a MSRP north of $16k. This is certainly one of rarest of all the Bimota classics and absolutely my favorite and most usable in my whole collection.

Engine: 400cc 16 valve DHOC
Chassis: Bimota
Electronics: Bimota
Special Modifications: Bimota

Price (USD): $10000

Mileage: 4500
Stock # 72
Type: Street


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