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2005  Suzuki GSXR1000

2005  Suzuki GSXR10002005  Suzuki GSXR10002005  Suzuki GSXR10002005 Suzuki GSXR1000
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2005 Yoshimura Suzuki Suzuki GSXR1000

This is a very trick example of the iconic GSXR1000 K5. Considered by many to be the most usable of the 1 liter superbikes in the last decade My K5 started life as a street bike that I never intended to modify. As you can see from these photos I sure did not adhere to that original thought. This bike is way trick. Any area that needed attention to bring it up to true “superbike for the roads” standards were addressed. To start I changed the suspension to top of the line Ohlins Road and Track fork with a 25mil internal kit, a TTX Ohlins holds up the rear. The chassis has been optimized by GMD Computrack which installed eccentric spacers in the frame/swingarm for enhanced corner exit stability, then set the whole suspension up for a 185lb road rider. The entire front brake system which have long been a complaint from GSXR1000 owners have been replaced with mono block Yamaha R1 calipers, Galpher Superbike rotors, Core stainless steel brake lines and finished off with a radial Brembo master cylinder. Grab these brakes and its like throughing out a battleship anchor!. Your going to need great brakes because this K5 has a stomping 179 rwhp power plant. Yoshimura cams and thiner head gasket, Yoshimura full stainless exhaust and a Power Commander PCIIIR help put down a wicked smooth power curve that will bring smiles and endless wheelies to you in the first three gears. Of course there is a 520 gear conversion with a gold RK chain for light weight engine response. Cosmetically this K5 was given the full Lance Johnson Paintworx 8 hour of Suzuka Yoshimura Replica job. Add in the TYGA carbon frame protectors, Votex rear sets and several other carbon pieces and you end up with a pure nasty superbike for the road. No one at the local ride in will have anything close to this monster. It is truly one on my favorite bikes. I have had a great time riding it and building it. Time for you to sample the best.

Update 3/21/2016: We just added a set of Galspeed Lightweight Aluminum wheels. They look great and weigh almost 8lbs lees than the stockers. Bike is even better now on corner entry. Amazing what a few tasteful mods can do to a machine. Wheelie On!

Engine: 1000cc
Chassis: stock braced
Electronics: Power Commander PCIIIR
Special Modifications: Custom Lance Johnson Paint Worx 8hr Suzuka Replica

Price (USD): $13,000

Mileage: 16000
Stock # 7
Type: Street


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