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2014 Honda  CBR1000RR SP

2014 Honda  CBR1000RR SP2014 Honda  CBR1000RR SP2014 Honda  CBR1000RR SP2014 Honda  CBR1000RR SP2014 Honda  CBR1000RR SP2014 Honda  CBR1000RR SP2014 Honda  CBR1000RR SP2014 Honda  CBR1000RR SP2014 Honda  CBR1000RR SP
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2014 Honda CBR1000RR SP

The best of the CBR1000RR series debuted in 2014. This is one of the 5000 SP models that were produced for worldwide distribution so its not really exclusive. But what it lacks in rarity it truly makes up for in performance. This is a wicked sweet handling bike. Honda sent the stock CBR1000RR over to the engineers at HRC and had them optimize the Ohlins suspension, blue print the motor internals and add a full radial Brembo braking system. This SP is decked out in the classic Honda racing RED/WHITE/BLUE livery features a Ohlns front fork and Ohlins rear TTX shock. Lightweight gold wheels and Brembo radial brakes. When I got the bike I tore it down and installed set of Sato rear sets,rear fender eliminator, relocated the rear caliper to under the swing arm, Core custom stainless steel brake lines, a full titanium Arrow exhaust system, and a full Bazazz electronics package. The Bazazz includes multilevel traction control, quick shifter, and optimized full mapping. On the Dyno Jet 250 this bike pumped out a super clean 159.8 rwhp About 11 more than the bike was delivered with. The power delivery can only be described as seamless. It is so smooth and linear. I remember when 168 rwhp would have been super hero stuff from a bike but in the days of 200hp ZX10’s and BMW S1000Rs it seems a bit tame. The reality is this bike has power that you can actually use in the real world. You don’t have to be screaming along at 14k rpms to extract the best from this power plant. It is just an amazing road bike. Extremely comfortable and with the optimized Ohlins suspension it is able to dispatch road irregularities with ease. It sure looks great as a book end to the Honda RC30/45/51 collection. At this price point there is no other Honda ever produced with such versatility for both track days use and regular street sport riding. It’s has 70 more horsepower than the new RC213V-S and cost a whopping $168k less. This is the real Honda bargain these days.

Updated 3/15/2016: CBR1000RR SP just came came back from the Masters at KWS Motorsports in South Carolina. Kevin worked his magic no the head for better flow and big Mike G installed a set of 2mm overbore custom designed pistons for Millenium Technologies. The result was absolutely fantastic! Power is up from 159.8 rwhp to 189.6 rwhp. A beautiful torque curve put over 90ftlbs to the ground at starting at 8,000 rpm. The bike is truly remarkable to ride on the street. We also installed a set of 520 gearing and a gold DID XLchain. What was a really nice bike has transformed into the best street bike i have ever ridden. Of the charts, a the perfect marriage of modifications with a fairy tail ending! Wheelie on....

Engine: 1052cc HRC blue printed inline 4, KWS/MILLENIUM TECHNOLOGIES 2mm big bore, KWS ported/flowed head
Chassis: Honda with full Ohlins
Electronics: Bazazz full electronic package including multi-level traction control, quick shifter and fuel controller
Special Modifications: stock beautiful HRC livery

Price (USD): $20,000

Mileage: 600
Stock # 64
Type: Street


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