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2015 Yamaha R1M

2015 Yamaha R1M2015 Yamaha R1M2015 Yamaha R1M2015 Yamaha R1M
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2015 YEC Team Yamaha Yamaha R1M - Be like Valentino...this isn't to from from his 2 million dollar M1R

The absolutely pinnacle of the electronic age of super biking is right here. The R1M is the bike that pretty much changes all aspects of road riding and track days. You now have the ability to fine your riding skills electronically. Want to slide out of a corner with the rear tire spinning so fluidly that it is second nature rather than a shit your pants moment? This is your ride then. It has traction control with 9 setting that are so smooth in their introduction that is next to undetectable by the seat of the pants. come back into the pits and the rear tire is being looked after and progressively wearing at a perfect rate. You have wheelie control in three levels of intrusion, launch control, slide angle control, full race ABS braking and a multitude of power delivery settings. Each of these electronic advances are so progressive that you’ll be believing that on your return trip to the pits there will be a factory Moto Gp contract waiting for your John Hancock. Yes its that good!. After 35 years of racing and road riding nothing I have EVER ridden delivers the level of confidence to your riding experience than a r1m. This bike has around 800 miles on it, a full Titanium Yoshimura exhaust, and a full ECU flash to allow clutches up and down shifting. Of course I fitted a light weight Ballistic battery and finally a Dyno Tuned 193 rear wheel horse power on pump gas. Brand new set of Pirelli Super Corsa’s have just been spooned on to replace the shitty stock Brigestones. This is the bike. Simply the best modern road bike every produced.

Engine: 1000cc of ridiculously smooth cross plain in line 4 cylinder horsepower
Chassis: Ohlins electronic suspension front and rear
Electronics: forget advanced you better plan on reading the manual about 20 times. Once you understand its capabilities you'll be blown away
Special Modifications: carbon stock

Price (USD): $23000

Mileage: 800
Stock # 62
Type: Street


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