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1984 Yamaha FZ750

1984 Yamaha FZ750 1984 Yamaha FZ750 1984 Yamaha FZ750 1984 Yamaha FZ750 1984 Yamaha FZ750 1984 Yamaha FZ750 1984 Yamaha FZ750 1984 Yamaha FZ750 1984 Yamaha FZ750
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1984 team yamaha Yamaha FZ750 - eddie lawson

Here’s a prime example of the era when the superbike really started to grow up. Yamaha moved technology a step forward with its 5 valve per cylinder Genesis 750cc in-line four. The unique motor was canted at a 45 degree angle in the steel perimeter frame so the down draft carbs could better feed the rev hungry motor as much fuel as possible. In its day it was a heads up competitor to the revolutionary GSXR750. Those two went head to head in all the sport bike magazine reviews and the on the race tracks across the country. For 1985 Team Yamaha recruited their Moto GP champion Eddie Lawson to bring home the first place trophy at the prestiges Daytona 200. That victory confirmed the Genises 5 Valve motor would see no less than 6 revisions in the next 20 years!. This bike is a year one model in good condition. It is completely stock down (except for a FOX rear shock) to the exhaust system. These are almost impossible to find now because they were very prone to rusting out. The gas tank is rust free. It has been in my collection for many years and will need a full reconditioning of all consumables prior to putting it back on the road again. Of course our factory trained staff of mechanics will be more than happy to get their greedy hands on this classic and get her back to top road condition. The bike is currently on loan to Connecticut Motorcycle Museum in Rockville, Connecticut. If you are a enthusiast plan on taking a trip to view this machine in person and the many others that are on display.

Engine: 750cc iN-line 4 cylinder
Chassis: stock Yamaha with a FOX rear twin clicker shock
Electronics: stock
Special Modifications: stock in nice condition

Price (USD): $6500

Mileage: 11000
Stock # 59
Type: Street


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