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1994 Suzuki RGV 250 VJ22

1994 Suzuki RGV 250 VJ221994 Suzuki RGV 250 VJ22
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1994 Superbike Universe Suzuki RGV 250 VJ22

Your looking at another awesome Superbike Universe custom. This biek started out life as a run of the mill RG250 with a tatty set of pink/yellow and blue bodywork and stock components. It was in fair condition when I purchased it from the orginal owner. I got it to my shop and stripped it to the bare frame and began an extensive custom build that took me over two years to complete. To start I completely rebuilt the little 250cc 2 stroker with a new crank, rods, pistons and finished it off with some mild port work. The frame received a nice restoration with some scotch bright and the swingarm was painted in a gloss grey finish. I slipped a 2013 GSXR600 rear shock in place of the worn out stocker and had it revalved/sprung for a 185lbs expert rder. This was complimented by the addition of a 2009 GSXR600 complete front end including radial brakes, rotors and wheel. A Brembo 19mm radial master cylinder finished off the front braking duties. Out back I machined from billet aluminum a underslung brake stay and coupled that with a Ducati 1098 Brembo rear caliper. I would have liked to match the rear wheel with a thin three spoke GSXR600 item but the RGV banana swingarm would only accept a maximum of 5inch rear wheel I shoe horned in Katana 600 wheel. I can now run modern sized rubber on it now. The the JBC tuned pipes are coupled with carbon TYGA end cans. My good buddy Lance Johnson whipped up a amazing Pepsi Scwantz #34 replica paint scheme that is absolutely stunning. So I ended up with a wicked light weight corner carver with modern brakes and suspension. It’s a really cool one off piece that is worlds better than the original. With a lot of trial and error these custom bikes are really a step forward from what the manufactures would have done if they continued development on this little 2 strokers. My perseverance and some help from my friends brought this sweet little jewel to life. Now you can own it.

Engine: 250cc Vtwin 2 Stroke
Chassis: stock with upgraded usd fornts, radial brakes and upgraded rear shock
Electronics: stock
Special Modifications: Lance Gamma PaintWorx Pepsi Schwantz replica

Price (USD): $15000

Mileage: 1200
Stock # 50
Type: Street


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