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1994 Honda  RVF750R RC45

1994 Honda  RVF750R RC451994 Honda  RVF750R RC451994 Honda  RVF750R RC45
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1994 Superbike Universe Honda RVF750R RC45 - me

Well here we go again. You have Hen’s teeth, rocking horse poo Unicorns and the ultra rare Honda RC45. This bike is #8 of the 50 units that were brought into the United States in 1994. Way back in January of 1994 I remember seeing there RC45 twirling around center stage at the New York Motorcycle show. Me and my Crew were shocked to see this super exotic World Super Bike and AMA Superbike up close and personal. Unfortunately Our fantasies of superbike nirvana went right out the window when the Honda Rep told us that there were only going to be 50 US spec models imported at a then staggering price of $34,000 retail. More bad news followed with the fact that of the 50 imported units 11 would go to American Honda for their AMA superbike racing effort leaving a paltry 39 or so for the motorcycling masses. All this information didn’t really matter because even if had been able to sell my punk ass little brothers to a nice family and whore out my girlfriend I was never going to be able to come up with the cash to obtain one of these at the time. I did the math and it turns out I would had to cut like 2900 lawns to come up with the green. Anyway Miguel Duhamel went on to smoke everyone in AMA superbike on a HRC version of the RC45 and wackjob John Kosinski wrapped up the World Superbike Championship on his HRC RC45. It was not as much a success as the Honda RC30 but it had its time in the limelight an remains a huge black hole of cash for the Honda racing effort. They dumped millions to get this thing competitive. Anyway the 30+ street bikes that did get into the hands of the well healed collectors all lived lived cushy lives. I have only seen one or two that have been modified in any way. Most remained stock and never amassed more than a few thousand miles. I had the opportunity to obtain this particular bike about 15 years ago. I had about 4k miles on it when I got it. Over the next 10 years or so I rode it everywhere. The blue Ridge Mountain Highway, Tail of the Dragon, the awesome twists of the Pacific Coast Highway and some wicked nice backroads here in the north east. I added on on another 5k miles of motoring bliss. Because if you have a Unicorn why not show it off. Also because the bike is just plain sublime. The fuel Injected V4 is buttery smooth and very powerful for a 750cc bike. It punches 118 rwhp out on the Dyno Jet 250. The power and torque curve are not really a curve at just goes absolutely straight up on a 45 degree angle to its peak. Handling wise this was Honda’s first bike to receive a USD fork (ok the oval piston NR750 was really the first one but does that thing really even count?) Combined with a weird sized front 16 inch front wheel and a 17 inch rear mounted on a single sided swingarm it works amazing on the street. Every race team that had these bikes pissed and moaned that they could not make them completive on the track for less than a zillion dollars but I can guarantee this beauty is one off the sweetest street bikes ever made. Its comfortable, it handles and its deceptive power delivery is just perfect for a street bike. Did the engineers at HRC get a internal memo wrong? “Wong build nice street that might win races” or “Chang build nice race bike that will be awesome on the street?” Well ultimately what we have is a great street bike that is extremely rare and is somewhat beautiful. The paint design is kinda a end of era design that afflicted a few bikes in the early 90’s but who cares because this an HRC RC45! I had this beauty in my office for that last 5 years as a piece of art. I just did a full service on the bike. New tires, brakes, valve adjustment, oil and fluid flush. Everything is perfect and its ready to enjoy. The only modification is a Carbon Fiber end can. The bike come with all documentation, title, books and original HRC stand.

Some of the RC45’s specifications:

V4 close firing order motor

Lightweight low friction pistons

Titanium conrods

Ceramic and graphite impregnated cylinder liners

Close ratio gearbox with undercut shift dogs

Separate air cooled oil heat exchanger

Many of the engine components were cast from magnesium to save weight

Cast upper and forged lower triple clamps

SHOWA front and rear suspension

6.00 inch rear rim carrying a 190/50/17 tire

Engine: 750cc V4 HRC
Chassis: Stock Honda HRC designed and hand assembled
Electronics: HRC fuel injected
Special Modifications: stock Honda (not shitty Maier stuff)

Price (USD): $35000

Mileage: 9000
Stock # 47
Type: Street


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