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1990 Honda  RC30

1990 Honda  RC301990 Honda  RC301990 Honda  RC301990 Honda  RC301990 Honda  RC301990 Honda  RC301990 Honda  RC301990 Honda  RC301990 Honda  RC30
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1990 HRC Rothmans Honda RC30 - Wayne Gardner

This is a full on HRC racer. This was Wayne Gardners 1990 8hr of Suzuka number B bike. Gardner switched back and force with Kevin Magee during the 1990 race. This was the backup bike. Every HRC kit piece was thrown at this build. The famed Klmenko Flow ported head, HRC full kit internals, sand cast Deep sump, sand cast HRC cases, remote Oil catch, HRC radiator, Kehien Flatslide 35mm carbs, HRC kit wiring loom and ECU. Full HRC stainless pipe sends the gases flowing. Bike put out 146 rwhp on the Dyno Jet 250 with VP MR10. The wheels are magnesium Dynags, GP Spec Brembo billet calipers clamp down HRC 330mm Superbike disks, I the early 2000 the bike was converted back to street use. The 8hr HRC Suzuka fairing remained and a the total loss ignition was swapped out for a street harness and battery with a keyed ignition. The whole body was finished off in the beautiful Rothmans Livery. I am in the process of Rest Modding this bike. I am installing a 2014 CBR1000RR SP Ohlins front end with radial Brembo M50 calipers, new 5 spoke magnesium HRC 17inch wheels and a host of other up dated items. It will be sweet!!!

Engine: 750cc V4 HRC full superbike build
Chassis: HRC HONDA
Electronics: KIT HONDA
Special Modifications: 8HRS Suzuka

Price (USD): $30000

Mileage: 0
Stock # 45
Type: Race


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