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1983 Suzuki GS1100ES

1983 Suzuki GS1100ES1983 Suzuki GS1100ES1983 Suzuki GS1100ES
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1983 Suzuki GS1100ES

Here is a great example of the big air cooled superbikes from the early eighties. I bought one of these when they came out. Rode it around like a psycho. Very surprised I'm not dead. These where very fast for the time and it took some real skills to hustle this big boy around the corners fast. Anyway I found this one on Craigslist a few years back. Its in real nice condition. Only modification is the Vance and Hines pipe. Oh yea and the Budweiser caps stuck on the end for the clip ons. It has pretty light miles on it. About 10k. I rode it around for a few weeks than put it into the collection. The tank is rust free and the body including the bikini fairing is really nice. It super comfortable. Id jump on this and ride it to Florida tommorrow. It will need a complete refresh of consumables. Tires are old, brake fluid needs to be flushed, and of course you’ll need a new battery to get the show started. Otherwise its a very nice example of the pre-historic days of super biking. Here’s a little more info about these monsters. The GS1100E consistently won period shoot-outs against the 1,047cc six-cylinder Honda CBX and Kawasaki GPz1100. Then for 1983, Suzuki upped the ante by increasing intake valve lift and advance while revising intake and exhaust systems for an extra three horses. Forged pistons, a stronger crank and uprated transmission components maintained the GS’ reputation for reliability; a frame-mounted bikini fairing provided improved aerodynamics. The 1983 GS1100ES was the first production motorcycle tested by Cycle World to run a standing quarter mile in the tens. This was serious stuff.

Not the most powerful motorcycle on the market nor the fastest. What it is is the quickest, wrote Cycle World in September 1983. The Honda CB1100F made the same power but was heavier; the GPz made more power but had a narrower power band and a grabby clutch; and the Suzuki Katana with an identical engine was lighter and more aerodynamic, but more difficult to launch. The other contender, Hondas V65, was heavier and exhibited quirky handling. Overall, the shoot-out awards went to the GS1100ES.

The GS1100ES combination of consistent sub-11-second quarters, nimble yet stable handling, long-distance touring comfort, simple maintenance and bulletproof reliability contributed to the GS1100E’s position as fifth “most significant motorcycle” from the previous 35 years by Rider magazine in 1999.

The conclusion reached by motorcycle journalists in 1983 was that the GS1100ES was simply the best all-round big bike on the market. Perhaps Cycle World said it best: The engine and frame and suspension are right. The motor is brilliant, making tons of power at every engine speed without ever seeming to work at it. The GS doesnt overpower its chassis, the suspension is excellent under most conditions. Taken as a whole, as a complete motorcycle, the GS works, and works well.

Engine: 1100cc air cooled in-line 4 cylinder
Chassis: stock
Electronics: stock
Special Modifications: stock in very nice condition

Price (USD): $8000

Mileage: 10
Stock # 41
Type: Street


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