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1997 Honda CR500R

1997 Honda CR500R1997 Honda CR500R
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1997 Team Limps A-lot Honda CR500R - Anyone who dares

Just when you thought you were safe to stroll around on my web site another monster lurks around the corner. This is a super clean 1998 CR500R 2 STROKE MOTORCROSSER. It is in great condition. As with all 500c 2 strokes this one has a story of death and destruction. I had about 15 friends over to beers and burned up meat one day at my house. Out front is a huge field. My friend Scruff really wanted to ride this bike. I told him if he could start it he could ride it. After several exhausting kicks he gave up swearing and was pissed off about the huge hole in the side of his boot. Then came grumblings about how his leg would never be the same. Being the kind friend I am I went over found TDC and promptly fired this bitch up first kick. Of course chicks dig me. These things are really easy to start as long as you get a FULL boot from TDC other wise plan on a broken heal or ankle. Anyway Scruff continued to pester me for a ride so I handed him the running bike with the few words of caution. I said “listen you dumb fella this thing will wheelie in every gear so keep you foot covering that rear brake” He just gave me the finger and blasted off. So you can picture the scene. first gear small wheelie, 2nd gear another wheelie, third gear a monster looped out wheelie that leaves Scruff lying on the ground screaming in pain from a shattered broken femur . He of course is surrounded by every plastic piece that was now torn from the bike. Nothing is worse than breaking your leg in front of a bunch of hot chicks who are saying “what a asshole he totally fucked up you bike Pete.” Just for the record Scruff was always a no pussy getting mother fucker anyway. Gotta love the compassion of Moto-Chicks. Well Scruff now walks with a CR500 pimp limp. The CR500 was stuffed away in the basement for ten years until last year when I pulled it all apart and rebuilt it top to bottom. It received new EVERYTHING. New wheels, hubs, chain, sprocket, plastics (real Honda stuff), tires, bars, cables fresh piston etc. It came out great. I raced it a few weeks ago at Southwick and it performed flawlessly. Big power and loose sand are like peanut butter and jelly. Anyway here’s a chance to have your own party favor. I do allow test rides but only if you can start it on your own! Bet your friends who will end up in the hospital first. Fucking love these things!

Engine: 500cc
Chassis: Stock Honda Fully optimized suspension front and rear by Factory Connection for 185lbs Expert Rider
Electronics: hondA
Special Modifications: Stock Honda (not shitty Maier stuff)

Price (USD): $5000

Mileage: 0
Stock # 40
Type: Off-Road


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