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1994 Suzuki kATAN Monster bike

1994 Suzuki kATAN Monster bike1994 Suzuki kATAN Monster bike1994 Suzuki kATAN Monster bike1994 Suzuki kATAN Monster bike
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1994 Superbike Universe Custom Suzuki Katana 'Franken' bike

Once again the evil winter here in New England has forced me to get a little Dr Frankinstein in my workshop. I had this really cool little Japanese Spec Katana 400 sitting around with a blown motor so I decided to breath some new life into the little thing. Well as they say “one thing led to another ” and now i have one of the most unique Katana’s in the world. Being that this was a 400cc bike to begin with the dimensions severely dwarf your garden variety project Katana’s because those bikes start life as a big old steel frame things with monster air-cooled lump in them. This project went completely the other way. I started with this really tiny Japanese spec 400 and then went on to shoehorn a fire breathing oil cooled GSXR1100 motor in that tiny frame. This was no small feat. I had to cut the frame rails,cut the gas tank, make new down tubes and modify just about everything to make it fit. After many smashed fingers, and whole bunch of really unique swear words I ended up here. In retrospect might have to write some of those down because “dirty fuck” and “cunt” was used like a thousand times in a thousand different ways! When I was almost finished with this project I think i might have concocted a form of garage tourettes syndrome.I still twitch a little when I look at it. So after getting the engine properly lined up I proceeded to mate old school with new technology. On went a 2009 GSXR1000 front end with radial brakes, out back i took a 1999 GSXR750R swingers and flipped it upside down so the bracing is pointing towards the ground than I welded on mounts to accept the Ohlins rear shocks. I finished off the swingarm with a Aprilia RSV4 carbon mudguard that looks like it was made just for this bike. The bike rolls on GSXR1000 three spoke wheels and sports modern day rubber with a nice fat 190/5/17 out back. Because of clearance issue I could not fit a rear brake pedal or rear set so I robbed the master cylinder off my kids KTM and built my own rear thumb brake. Hey it works too! With everything fitted up and rolling perfectly I decided that a run of the mill GSXR1100 couldn’t possibly be enough power for this little gem so out it came the motor AGAIN to get freshened up with a J&E1260cc big bore piston, Yoshimura Cams, Falicon crank, a beautifully ported head and a full undercut transmission. Fuel comes in from a set of 41 mm Kehien flat slides and all the gas escapes from my hand made Franken’ pipe and flows out a carbon fiber canister. To keep things cool I have a one off EARLS 14 teir oil cooler with aircraft stainless lines mounted up under the front of the forks. The light weight Ballistic battery and key fob are hidden under the seat and finished off with a stainless under tail. The tank was cleaned then creamed in side to ensure no shit flows into those monster carbs. I finished it off with a really classy Bentley grey and had the seat covered in Lamborghini Alcantra. I was definitely skeptical when I first took it out for a ride but came back fucking amazed. The bike is super small and very agile. At stop lights your feet are flat on the ground and thing it just tiny. The only indication that this is a true superbike is the beautiful sound of the open velocity stack Kehiens and lumpy Yoshimura cams. Drop the clutch it rockets out of the hole shooting flames and wheeling away until you grab hold of that thumb brake to settle things down. It corners like a superbike and nothing scrapes the ground even though its incredibly low. I really amazed myself on this one. There is no other like it in the world. I know rests in my office. It totally stumps visitors who are “real” bike guys but have no fucking clue what they are looking at.

Engine: 1260cc Oil Cooled GSXR1000 in-line 4
Electronics: GSXR1100
Special Modifications: Custom Katana 400

Price (USD): $15000

Mileage: 0
Stock # 39
Type: Street


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