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2010 Kawasaki  KX65 Super mini Motard

2010 Kawasaki  KX65 Super mini Motard
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2010 Kawasaki KX65 Super mini Motard

Here is another super fun racer to get your elbows and knees dirty with. This little monster is a KX65 based MINI-TRACK racer designed to have hours of fun on. I just rebuild the motor as me and my 17 year old son Andrew completed a 4hr endurance race on this at the local go-cart track. This machine will fit full sized dudes (I’m full size all right 190lbs/5'11'') all the was down to peanut racer kids. The power is strong enough for anyone to enjoyFull Ohlins Suspension out back and Ohlins springs up front allow the little min i to stick to the corners like gum n your show. My son constantly was able to drag his elbows on the ground with this bike. Not to be out done by my kid I also went on to drag my elbow which was promptly followed by my shoulder, back and brand new Arai helmet...BLAHH!. Just ran out of talent I guess. The wheels are custom made EXCEL billet aluminum laced up with heavy duty spokes. Super sticky Dunlops get the job done holding you in place anyway in the track.This is a awesome way to break into road racing without the high cost (tires will last ALL season) and the high risk of injury. I fell off this thing about 10 times and always got up and walked away with just my ego injured while some little puke 8 to 12 year olds went blazing by me giving me the finger. Anyway this thing has never stop ticking. You drop it get back up and carry on. . Bike never ever breaks, you just get up kick it over and resume the battle! This is where real fun begins!

Engine: KX65, fresh over bore and new Hot Crank. FMF high rev pipe
Chassis: kawasaki suspended by custom Ohlins rear shock and custom Ohlins cartridge fork
Electronics: kawasaki
Special Modifications: kawasaki

Price (USD): $4500

Mileage: 0
Stock # 38
Type: Race


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