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2002 honda CR85R Super Moto

2002 honda CR85R Super Moto2002 honda CR85R Super Moto2002 honda CR85R Super Moto2002 honda CR85R Super Moto
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2002 honda CR85R Super Moto

Here is a pocket rocket full of fun. Go any go-cart track around the country and rip it up! This little 2 stroke CR is completely set up for a 185lbs rider. It will truly teach you how to grind your knee, shoulder and elbow. The lean angle that this thing can get too is just ridiculous. It will scrape the pegs and the handlebars before you are on your head. Nice thing about this is that all of these antics are done at speeds that won’t end you up in the ER. I learned so much about sliding the front and rear of a bike by playing around with this thing. It’s total set up too. High quality Ohlins suspension adorns both front and rear, custom built EXCEL rims spin the super sticky Dunlops. It jst got a fresh top end so it’s ready to rock!

Engine: Honda 85cc 2 stroke
Chassis: Honda CR85R Suspended by custom built Ohlins front and rear
Electronics: HONDA
Special Modifications: Stock CR85

Price (USD): $4500

Mileage: 0
Stock # 35
Type: Race


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