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1983 Honda VF750F

1983 Honda VF750F 1983 Honda VF750F 1983 Honda VF750F 1983 Honda VF750F
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1983 Freddie Spencer Honda VF750F

Here is a really cool Freddie Spencer HRC VF750F race replica. I bought this bike from a guy in Florida who started to make a HRC Superbike replica and then lost interest. The bike came with a whole bunch of real HRC race parts in boxes. When I started putting it together I found a whole bunch of one off bits and pieces. The front end and brakes, radiator and airbax are all ex HRC stuff. The 4 into two pipe is a super trick HRC piece that was only available to factory teams. The wheels are Comstar race wheels off a earlier Honda racer. There is a custom Penske shock is matched up to a billet shock linage of unknown origin. The upper triple clamp has a billet bar mount system that clamps a superbike bar. I have not had the motor apart but it is extremely stout for a VF750F. It definitely has some high performance cams as it idles real lumpy and the motor internals have been modified as it rev's up way faster than stock VF750F ever did. The bodiy work is in great shape. Tank is spotless inside. I rode this at the Road Atlanta vintage MITTY races a few years ago. It was wicked fun and would make a perfect base for vintage superbike racing.

Engine: 750cc V4 HRC
Chassis: Honda HRC/PENSKE
Electronics: Honda
Special Modifications: Honda

Price (USD): $10000

Mileage: 0
Stock # 31
Type: Street


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