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1986 Bimota DB1

1986 Bimota DB11986 Bimota DB11986 Bimota DB11986 Bimota DB11986 Bimota DB11986 Bimota DB11986 Bimota DB1
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1986 Bimota Bimota DB1

In 1986 Cycle magazine said was the best handling bike in the world. In 2015 not much has changed. This bike is still one of the most flickable and fun handling machines. I might have to do with the fact that the unique one piece body work actually holds you into the bike. These bikes were originally delivered with a factory Ducati 750cc 2 valve Pantah motor. This particular bike has had extensive modifications done to the motor. With a 778cc big bore, special head work, racing cams, flat slide carburators and custom two into one exhaust the bike makes WAY more power than the original 75ish hp. I haven't had it on the real dyno but I'm guessing around 90 rwhp seat of the pants dyne. The wheels are one off Bimota two piece modular OSKAM 17inch front and rear. The bike is a absolute amazing piece of art and machine. It handles like a knife and is extremely stable while holding the rider into a enclosed capsule position. Extremely rare, extremely amazing riders bike. It is is one Bimota that is a must have if you are a collector. If you are a Ducati guy the sound of the desmo motor is truly intoxicating. So fucking cool....i love this bike.

Engine: 750cc Heavily breathed on
Chassis: Bimot trellis
Electronics: Ducati
Special Modifications: Fiberglass one piece wicked exotic

Price (USD): $25000

Mileage: 20000
Stock # 30
Type: Street


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