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2011 Aprilia RSV4R

2011 Aprilia RSV4R2011 Aprilia RSV4R2011 Aprilia RSV4R2011 Aprilia RSV4R2011 Aprilia RSV4R2011 Aprilia RSV4R2011 Aprilia RSV4R2011 Aprilia RSV4R2011 Aprilia RSV4R
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2011 BFS Racing Aprilia RSV4R

Here you go. Feeling like your run of the mill superbike is just a pooch? Enter Godzilla. 211 rwhp and 376lbs wet weight. Built by the motor legends at KWS Motorsports this bike was the prototype superbike for Aprilia racing here in the States. When Max Biaggi was crushing it in world superbike the master mechanics Kevin and Mike were busy trying to surpass the world superbike efforts here in the states. Other than the Aprilia factory gear driven cams this monster has it all. Working with Millemium Technologies these mad scientists had 1178cc big bore pistons, matched to Titanium rods, and a knife edged crank. Exhaust gases flow out a full titanium Leo Vince system. The head work is so extensive that you need a degree just to understand what the hell they did. All I can say is this is the FASTEST and MOST POWERFUL bike I have ever ridden. It will power wheelie in the the first 4 gears. It does over 200mph. Oh yes. It is adorned with super light weight BST Carbon fiber wheels, Carbon fiber/fiberglass custom body work, Factory GP spec Ohlins front forks with K-Tech 30mil cartridges are held up in a massive set of Attack adjustable triple clamps, and Ohlins TTX remote rear with billet factory shock linage. When its time to stop the Brembo GP spec radial front calipers clamp down on Brembo 330mm rotors, out back a tiny Brembo monblock caliper clamps a Brembo light weight rotor. This is the closest thing to tossing out a anchor when you need to stop. Yes you will flip right over if you are too aggressive on the brakes! The parts list on this machine just goes on and on. The Brembo radial master cylinder, multi function Translodgic ditgial race dash and Bazzaz traction control...OMG. I have invested over $75k into this monster. And guess what? It is fully (kinda) street legal. A custom head and tail light are grafted in the bodywork and the whole bike is finished off with a Lance Johnson Paint Worx killer paint job. This is as custom and tricked out as you can get. It is a World Super Bike for the street!

Engine: 1178cc V4 KWS Superbike build 211 rwhp on MR12
Chassis: carbon fiber cover frame
Electronics: BAZZAZ,TRANSLOGIC, Aprilia Kit harness
Special Modifications: Carbo fiber Lance Johnson Paint Worx

Price (USD): $30,000

Mileage: 0
Stock # 28
Type: Race


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