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1986 HONDA  VF1000R

1986 HONDA  VF1000R1986 HONDA  VF1000R1986 HONDA  VF1000R1986 HONDA  VF1000R1986 HONDA  VF1000R
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1986 Team Honda HONDA VF1000R

The Honda VF1000R and I have a long history. I purchased one of these brand new in 1985 when it first came out. The promise of gear driven cams, power mad 1000cc V4 engine and GP technology all stuffed into a street package was just amazing. In its time it was truly a bad ass ride. It would have crushed all the completion if Suzuki hadn’t come along and introduced the GSXR1100 which weighed about 100lbs less. Anyway these bikes are absolutely beautiful. Fabled Honda precision can be seen at every corner. The fiberglass bodywork and super deep high quality paintwork made this a real special machine in its time. Now when I pull it next to the more modern bikes I realize how amazing the built quality is on Honda bikes from this period.

This particular bike is completely stock. I have installed new brakes, tires chain and sprockets. It is in very nice shape. If you are considering riding it rather than static display it will need a full service including, battery, coolant flush, brake line flush and oil change. The gas tank is rust free as it has been stored in my climate controlled museum. I rode a 1985 VF1000R from Connecticut to California one summer many years ago and it was the best motorcycle trip i have ever had. The big Honda V4 never once let me down. Here’s a little more info about the VF1000R and the Honda V4 family. Honda’s enthusiasm for the V4 engine layout in the early 1980s was such that by 1984 the VF range comprised six models with capacities ranging from 400 to 1000cc. The fastest and most glamorous was the VF1000R: a limited-edition super-sports machine that was created, with little expense spared, to dominate production racing in the way that the straight-four CB1100R had done three years earlier. With its full fairing and racy red. white and blue paintwork, the VF1000R looked every bit the street-legal competition machine. Its specification list was mouth-watering, based on a liquid-cooled, 90-degree V4 engine that incorporated gear-driven overhead camshafts and produced no less than 122 hp @ l0000 rpm.

That peak power output was 6bhp up on that of the VF1000F, the standard 998cc, 16-valve V4 from which the R model was derived. The I000F, also released in 1984. was an impressively fast and sophisticated bike. Its styling was similar to that of the original VF750F sportster, which had promised much before suffering widely publicized engine reliability problems. The VF1000F handled well and its engine was flexible, powerful and reliable. The exotic VF1000R cost roughly 50 per cent more than the F. and oozed quality from every pore. Its fairing was reinforced with carbon-fibre, its adjustable handlebars were made from polished alloy, its streamlined seat hump fitted perfectly. Its engine’s gear-driven cams allowed more precise valve timing at high revs, which accounted for some of the extra power. If you have a RC30 in your stable you must include this model as it is really the godfather of HRC.

Engine: 1000cc V4 featuring Gear driven overheard cams
Chassis: Honda
Electronics: Honda
Special Modifications: Stock Honda in very nice condition

Price (USD): $9000

Mileage: 25000
Stock # 24
Type: Street


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