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2015 Honda  CR500AFR Monster Bike

2015 Honda  CR500AFR Monster Bike2015 Honda  CR500AFR Monster Bike2015 Honda  CR500AFR Monster Bike2015 Honda  CR500AFR Monster Bike2015 Honda  CR500AFR Monster Bike
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2015 Honda CR500AFR Monster Bike - Any Dude with huge sack

Here is another monster bike that I built last year in my spare time. This is the unholy marriage of a 2011 Honda CRF250 and a 1999 Honda CR500 two stroke. What I ended up with is a 73hp, 221lbs fire breathing monster. The frame was cut and braced to accept the big 2 stroker motor. All the welding was done by a professional expert welder who normally works on Balck Hawk Helicopters. The fabrication is absolutely stunning. The radiators, exhaust, airbox , bodywork and gas tank are all custom made or modified to work with the monster HP CR500 motor. In the process of building this machine I had the motor in and out of the frame no fewer than 20 times to get EVERYTHING just perfect. There are absolutely no issues with this machine. It is the bike Honda would have built if they continued development on the big bore 500cc two strokes. The best of everything was used throughout this build. The motor is completely new including crank, rod, piston. tranny and cylinder. New hubs mounted with extra heavy duty spokes on black light weight aluminum rims. A full Factory Connection suspension front and rear is optimized for a 185lbs expert rider. The front and rear rotors are oversized, coupled to custom stainless Core brake lines. Stock CRF250 Honda plastics with custom CR500 graphics enhance the Factory appearance of this bike. . Its fucking bad ass! Cost me over 10k to build it....forget about the 100+ hours I got into the build up. I rode it once and realized that if I want to really die fast this will be the first class ticket to a dirt nap. You must have monster sack to ride this thing to its potential. Being 50 years old and pretty beat up from head to toe after a bad accident last year I realize that this is not the way for me to break back into motocross. It will wheelie in EVERY gear. Just starting it makes babies cry and girls come. If you are a real man this is your ride.

Engine: 535cc Big bore CR500,
Chassis: 2011 HONDA CRF250 Aluminum frame modified to accept the 1999 CR535R 2 Stroke motor.
Electronics: CR500
Special Modifications: CRF250 with custom designed CR500R Graphics

Price (USD): $10000

Mileage: 0
Stock # 23
Type: Off-Road


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