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2006 Honda  CBR600RR

2006 Honda  CBR600RR2006 Honda  CBR600RR2006 Honda  CBR600RR2006 Honda  CBR600RR
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2006 Erion Racing/HRC American Honda Honda CBR600RR Formula Extreme - Josh Hayes

This is the bike that took josh Hayes to the 2006 Formula Extreme Championship. It is a full on Superbike. Loaded up with un-obtainium HRC parts. Starting with the motor we have a fresh engine with a 2mm over bore producing 145hp at the rear wheel. The electronics are all HRC kit parts including wiring harness. Engine includes special oil pump, rods, head, crank and HRC slipper clutch. A massive FEBOR superbike radiator keeps thing cool. All the spend gases flow out a Titanium Erion Racing exhaust. To get the party started a Ballistic super light weight battery is always on the ready.

On the suspension side of things we get a super rare full factory Showa suspension front and rear. These components we never made available to the public and only leased to the HRC teams. The machining on the fork lowers is not short of spectacular and the black titanium nitrate coating is just pure cool!. A trick HRC triple clamp secures these forks with multiple off-sets. In the rear is again is a factory Showa remote adjustable shock coupled to a HRC billet shock linage.

The bike rolls on 16.5 Marchasini magnesium wheels. Braking is of course top shelf Moto Gp Brembo front and rear. Up front these are the super trick Brembo endurance series calipers with Titanium pistons. They clamp down on a pair of Brembo 320mm superbike rotors. Out back is a tiny Brembo with a super light Brembo disk. 520 Votex gearing and a RK chain get the power to the ground.

The bodywork on this bike is all Carbon Fiber! Painted with the Erin Racing/Hrc livery and of course Josh Hayes big number 1 plate!

I have ridden this bike at several tracks around the country and it is nothing short of amazing. It is almost telepathic in its handling. It is a proven package with 11 Formula Extreme wins under its belt. Josh told me its one of the easiest bikes to ride FAST. I totally agree.

Engine: HRC/KWS 636cc full on superbike motor with over 145 rwhp
Chassis: HRC/Factory Showa Fully sorted race winning package
Electronics: HRC
Special Modifications: Carbon Fiber HRC

Price (USD): $22000

Mileage: 0
Stock # 11
Type: Race


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