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1999 Yamaha R7/1

1999 Yamaha R7/11999 Yamaha R7/11999 Yamaha R7/11999 Yamaha R7/11999 Yamaha R7/11999 Yamaha R7/11999 Yamaha R7/11999 Yamaha R7/1
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1999 GRAVEs/Yamaha Factory Yamaha R7/1 - Anthony Gobert, Damon Bucmaster

Full factory YEC/Graves prepared R7 Superbike. Nasty 175 RWHP 750cc 15k rpm superbike build. Every possible YEC R7 kit part has been installed and massaged to produce the ultimate 750cc superbike. The heat is kept in check with a massive YEC/Febor radiator and the pent gases get blown out of a YEC kit titanium exhaust, Up front we have a gas charged GP spec Ohlins fork, clamped in a Graves adjustable triple clamp, Titanium axle supports a quick change 16.5 magnesium Marchesini wheel. Brakes are jewelry like 6 piston Nissan billet radial calipers fed by a stainless steel quick release brake lines and 20mm Brmebo radial master cylinder. Out back there is a YEC kit swingers with a quick change Titanium axle and a tiny Nissan rear brake caliper. Of course a GP spec Ohlins TTX35 with YEC kit linkage takes care of the rear suspension duties. Every bolt is titanium or stainless. The detail on this bike is truly amazing. Everywhere you look there is something that grabs your attention. The bodywork is all sharkskin and the tank has a Dry brake quick filler. To replicate the build on this bike you would be out more than $150k in parts. Forget about the time involved. . It's available here at Superbike Universe to become your superbike showpiece. Track it or display either way this is motorcycling nirvana.

Engine: 750cc full factory superbike
Chassis: YEC Ohlins suspened
Electronics: YEC Kit ECU and wiring harness
Special Modifications: SHarkskin fiberglass

Price (USD): $40000

Mileage: 0
Stock # 108


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pete big cock   2016-03-06 14:59:52
that mother fucker is cool ass shit!