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1992 Honda  NR750

1992 Honda  NR7501992 Honda  NR7501992 Honda  NR7501992 Honda  NR750
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1992 Honda NR750

Here I have on offer the holy grail of Honda V4 history. This the super rare Honda NR750. With a extremely unique oval piston v4 32 valve motor the NR was the pinnacle of Honda's engineering force. The final rendition of the oval piston motor was this street bike that incorporated the 6 prior years of race development. It was never really a successful racer but the NR project was Honda's attempt to beat all the world GP competition with a 4 stroke based bike. While the rest of the world was racing with high strung 2 strokes Honda decided it would massage the GP rule book and build a "500cc" 4 stroke racer. The reality is Honda made a super complex 32 valve time bomb that would tach out at 22k rpms. 500 GP champion Mike Baldwin, a friend of mine described his one ride on the NR500 as terminal. That race made no power anywhere in it rev range. After a few very dismal years of competition the NR GP project was scrapped and replace with the tradition two stroke NSR500. All those years of technical challenge and experimentation did not got to waste though. The direct result was the NR750 you see here on this page. Ground breaking technology was refined into the most advanced street bike ever produced. The NR750 was the first bike to feature the USD (upside down slider) fork, underset exhausts and carbon fiber bodywork. Just under 300 of these unicorns rolled off the Honda HRC production line for world wide distribution. It is believed that less than 15 of these bikes reside in the United States. I'm pretty sure your not going to run into another at your local ride in. This particular bike has under 3000 miles and has been in our museum for that last 10 years. The bike will receive a full service from out factory Honda trained staff member prior to purchase. The new owner will be given a full day of machine custom set up at our private test facility. Here's a little more info about the NR and its amazing path from design to production. Enjoy!

Engine: oval piston 32 valve v4 750cc
Chassis: HRC HONDA
Electronics: HRC Kit
Special Modifications: carbon fiber/fiberglass reinforced

Price (USD): $$175,000

Mileage: 2870
Stock # 107


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