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1998 Muzzy Raptor FUSA

1998 Muzzy Raptor FUSA1998 Muzzy Raptor FUSA1998 Muzzy Raptor FUSA1998 Muzzy Raptor FUSA1998 Muzzy Raptor FUSA1998 Muzzy Raptor FUSA1998 Muzzy Raptor FUSA1998 Muzzy Raptor FUSA
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1998 Muzzy Factory Formula Extreme Muzzy Raptor FUSA - Doug Chandler, Steve Griggs

Go Go! They say hes got to go. Go Go GODZILLA!

Here's it is, Kawasaki's Godzilla the RAPTOR!The ultimate Kawasaki ZX-7RR. Hand built by famed Kawasaki tuner Rob Muzzy and raced in the FUSA Series by AMA Superbike champion Doug Chandler. This is a full on superbike. 835cc GEAR DRIVEN cams, Carillo Titanium rods, undercut KHI kit close ratio transmission, lightened crank, 41 mm Kehien flat slide carbs, 171 rwhp on VP MR10. When you fire it up up know there is something special going on in those engine cases. The turbo whine of those gear driven cams is truly awesome. KHI kit total loss wiring harness with optional 8hr Suzuka lighting kit turn night into day. A one off KHI kit tach, KIS quick shifter, KHI KIT high rev ignition box and hand built wiring harness finish off the electronics. On the suspension/handling side we have a Muzzy custom braced frame and swingarm with eccentric swing arm inserts. A GP spec Ohlins 46mm fork is held up by a massive MUZZY magnesium triple clamp. At the rear there is a GP spec Ohlins TTX attached to a custom Muzzy billet linage with ride height adjusters. For serious stopping power the brakes are GP spec AP 6 piston billets with AP superbike 330mm rotors all being fed by a GP spec 20mm Brembo master cylinder. Out back there is a tiny AP billet caliper clamping a light weight Brembo rotor. The bodywork is a mix of Muzzy and KHI 8hrs Suzuka Carbon and carbon/fiberglass. The Tank is a one off Muzzy Carbon fiber unit, extremely light weight and rare are rocking horse shit. All painted up in classic Muzzy black with the giant RAPTOR on the fairing lower ready to eat up the competition AGAIN!

Engine: 935CC GEAR DRIVEN CAM FULL superbike
Chassis: KHI braced
Electronics: KHI kit components with the Rob Muzzy touch!
Special Modifications: carbo/ carbon-fiberglas

Price (USD): $25000

Mileage: 0
Stock # 4
Type: Race

1984 Kawasaki Ninja 900

1984 Kawasaki Ninja 9001984 Kawasaki Ninja 9001984 Kawasaki Ninja 9001984 Kawasaki Ninja 900
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1984 NINJA!!! Kawasaki Ninja 900

This is the iconic superbike that started the arms race in Japan. The Kawasaki GPZ900R (also known as the ZX900A or Ninja 900 i was manufactured by Kawasaki from 1984 to 2003. It is the earliest member of the Kawasaki Ninja family of sport bikes. The 1984 GPZ900R (or ZX900A-1) was a revolutionary design that became the immediate predecessor of the modern-day sport bike. Developed in secret over six years, it was the world's first 16-valve liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder motorcycle engine, years ahead of rival manufacturers’ efforts. The 908 cc four-cylinder engine delivered 115 bhp (86 kW), allowing the bike to reach speeds of 151 mph (243 km/h), making it the first stock road bike to exceed 150 mph.

Prior to its design, Kawasaki envisioned producing a sub-liter engine that would be the successor to the Z1. Although its steel frame, 16-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels, air suspension, and anti-dive forks were fairly standard at that time, the narrow, compact engine was mounted lower in the frame, allowing it to take Japanese superbike performance to a new level. Only three months after being unveiled to the press in December 1983, dealers entered three works GPZ900R bikes in the Isle of Man Production TT finishing in first and second place.

This Ninja 900 has 21,000 miles, and is in awesome stock condition. Body is very nice for 30 plus year old bike. I replaced the chain and sprockets, tires and brakes earlier this year. It is a great sport tourer with a hint of vintage superbike thrown in. The first bike I really scared the shit out of myself on. Of course after that ride I was hooked. It had tire spreading power and looked really cool when it came out. Looking at it today it still has fantastic lines and special beauty to it. A perfect addition to any collection.

Engine: 908cc 16 VALVE LIQUID COOLED
Chassis: Kawasaki
Electronics: Kawasaki
Special Modifications: Red/Grey stock condition

Price (USD): $10000

Mileage: 21
Stock # 13
Type: Street

1985 Kawasaki GPZ750 Turbo

1985 Kawasaki GPZ750 Turbo1985 Kawasaki GPZ750 Turbo1985 Kawasaki GPZ750 Turbo1985 Kawasaki GPZ750 Turbo
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1985 Kawasaki GPZ750 Turbo

This is a fine example of the Turbo era. For a couple years the big four all tried their hand at making a turbo bike. Kawasaki did it the best. The GPZ750 Turbo was the fastest and best handling of all the turbo era bikes. This particular Turbo 750 has been in my collection for over 15 years. I purchased it form the original owner with around 6k miles on it. It now has around 10k. I really enjoyed this bike. It handles great and has really usable spread of power. When the Turbo does KICK in you get a really strong burst of power. This bike is in great shape. New tires (when it was stored about 5years ago), chain sprockets and brakes. The exhausts which are prone to rusting out are in perfect shape on this example. Body work and paint are very nice and the inside of the gas tank is rust free. It will need a new battery and full service to put back on the road as it has been in my climate controlled museum for the last 5 years. Here is some more info on the GPZ750 Turbo.

The Kawasaki GPz750 Turbo was a sportbike manufactured from late 1983 to 1985, with two model years - the 1984 E1 and the 1985 E2. Differences were minor, a twin “push/pull” throttle cable for the E2 and different brake caliper stickers. The bike was manufactured in Japan, with parts also shipped to the US and assembled in Kawasaki’s Nebraska plant for the US/Canada market to bypass the import tax levied on bikes over 700cc at the time by the US government, a protectionist move designed to save Harley-Davidson which was having financial problems at the time.

Although carrying GPz badges on the engine covers, it was only referred to by Kawasaki as the ’750 Turbo” - the GPz tag was not mentioned. It is also referred to as the ZX750E. Development started in January 1981 as a turbocharged 650, then as a 750 from November 1981. When finally released, the stock bike made a claimed 112 hp (84 kW), had sports bike handling (for the day) and looked good - especially next to the other factory turbo bikes which were already on the market such as the Suzuki XN85, Honda CX500 and CX650 turbos, and the Yamaha Seca Turbo. Performance was on a par with the GPz1100, at around 11.2 seconds at 125 mph (201 km/h) for the quarter mile and 148 mph (238 km/h) flat out. One magazine even branded it the fastest bike they had ever tested, and Kawasaki ran some ads claiming it to be “The Fastest Production Motorcycle in the World”. Jay “PeeWee” Gleason also recorded a 10.71 second quarter mile for Kawasaki to show that the turbo had genuine performance and was ahead of the other factory turbos. It is widely considered to be the “best” factory turbo produced by the Japanese manufacturers.

To build the turbo, Kawasaki did not simply add fuel injection and a turbocharger to a standard GPz750 motorcycle engine. Some parts are exclusive to the “turbo”, such as low-compression (7.8:1) pistons, stronger gearbox internals, a modified oil pan with an extra oil scavenge pump, a boost indicator, the characteristic aluminium “turbo”-spoiler, and a different Unitrak linkage (which gave it a firmer ride). The exhaust system and turbo (except silencers) were strengthened with different tube material, and some dimensions and frame geometry differed (28° rake instead of 26°). The rest came from conventionally aspirated 750 and the 1100 (front fork, brakes and some injection parts) and the entire cylinder head assembly from the KZ 650. The GPz Turbo used a Hitachi HT-10B turbocharger, positioned close to the headers, and electronic fuel injection.

Engine: 750cc in-line 4 cylinder turbo charged
Chassis: Steel frame
Electronics: stock Kawasaki
Special Modifications: stock in nice condition

Price (USD): $14,000

Mileage: 11
Stock # 19
Type: Street

1990 Kawasaki zx7

1990 Kawasaki zx71990 Kawasaki zx71990 Kawasaki zx7
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1990 Kawasaki zx7

2nd year ZX7 in perfect condition. It’s got some miles on it, over 35,000!. But it is perfect. Body is mint, motor is strong with no smoke, tires, chain sprockets all new. Prior owner was absolutely crazy about maintenance and the bike come with 50 pages of records. Very cool addition to any collection

Engine: 750cc in-line 4 cylinder
Chassis: steel beam frame stock Kawasaki
Special Modifications:

Price (USD): $10000

Mileage: 35
Stock # 20
Type: Street

2001 kawasaki KX500

2001 kawasaki KX5002001 kawasaki KX5002001 kawasaki KX5002001 kawasaki KX500
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2001 kawasaki KX500

Here is a mint original KX500 2 stroke monster. I bought it from the original owner who rode it twice then broke his leg so bad he couldnt start it again. This is usually the story that comes with 500c 2 stroke MX bikes. This one has original tires, body work etc. Probably no more than 10 hours on it. Still has the warning stickers on the tank and rear fender. These animals where build to hurt people. It will wheelie in every gear. If you have a death wish and a very large strong right kicker leg buy this bike. Truly an icon.

Engine: 500cc
Chassis: stock
Electronics: stock
Special Modifications: Stock..very good condition

Price (USD): $5500

Mileage: 0
Stock # 29
Type: Off-Road

1998 Kawasaki  ZX7RR Superbike Championship Racer

1998 Kawasaki  ZX7RR Superbike Championship Racer1998 Kawasaki  ZX7RR Superbike Championship Racer1998 Kawasaki  ZX7RR Superbike Championship Racer1998 Kawasaki  ZX7RR Superbike Championship Racer1998 Kawasaki  ZX7RR Superbike Championship Racer1998 Kawasaki  ZX7RR Superbike Championship Racer1998 Kawasaki  ZX7RR Superbike Championship Racer1998 Kawasaki  ZX7RR Superbike Championship Racer1998 Kawasaki  ZX7RR Superbike Championship Racer1998 Kawasaki  ZX7RR Superbike Championship Racer
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1998 Muzzy Kawaski Kawasaki ZX7RR Superbike Championship Racer - Doug Chandler 1998 AMA Superbike Championship

This is Doug Chandler’s 1998 AMA Superbike Championship racer. The most beautiful thing about this bike is how Rob Muzzy and KHI (Kawasaki Heavy Industries) bent the AMA rule book upside down to produce what is truly a one-off superbike. Though the rules at the time said you had to use a stock frame as a basis for the superbike build I believe that KHI and Muzzy might have stretched those rules just a bit. If you look at the Vin # on this bike its stamped KHI-R1S. Well that sure doesn’t seem to be a 17 digit production line frame now does it? It’s also amazing how my stock 1998 ZX7RR’s head stock is almost 15 degrees different than this “STOCK” frame. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that anyone was cheating because Doug Chandler is one of my racing heros but....kinda makes you wonder. As you go through the specs on this bike you realize that this is a factory one-off weapon designed to kill all enemies in its path. The motor is a GEAR driven cam 750cc in-line 4 cylinder that spins freely to 14k rpm. Spent gases flow out a super light Muzzy full titanium exhaust. Electronics are handled by a KHI kit total loss ignition and wiring harness coupled to KHI KIT ECU. Sorry folks your garden variety 1998 ZXR750RR was NEVER available with Gear Driven Cams. There are a ton of un-obtainium parts here. From the sand cast cases to the one off 41mm Kehien magnesium bodied flat slide carbs its all this is wick cool shit we never got to see or read about back in the day. I have not dyno tesedt this machine yet but seat of pants says its in the 170 rwhp area. The suspension is super trick and rare. Ohlins 46mm GP spec front forks with magnesium billet lowers are held in place with a massive magnesium adjustable triple clamp. All bolts are titanium including the quick change axles front and rear. The brakes are 6 piston billet AP calipers with a radial Brembo Master cylinder clamping massive 330mm AP superbike iron rotors.

The bike rolls on 17inch magnesium Marchasini’s with Dunlop NTECH slicks spooned on for ultimate grip. The bike weighs exactly 347lbs with oil and 1 gallon of fuel. Apparently Muzzy had to strap lead weight to bottom of the bike for it to make the 355lbs minimum AMA SUPERBIKE weight limit. It’s just a rollin’ running piece of history. Sounds like a jet fighter when you are warming it up because of the distinct gear driven cam whine. If you are after the real thing here it is. This was Doug’s “B” bike for the 1998 season. It had more wins (5) than the “A” bike that season. Comes with a certificate of authenticity and a personal letter from Rob Muzzy regarding its history. Very cool......

Engine: 750cc in-line 4 cylinder gear driven cam Muzzy/KHI Superbike build
Chassis: KHI.....ERRR STOCK???
Electronics: KHI
Special Modifications: Sharkskin

Price (USD): $35000

Mileage: 0
Stock # 36
Type: Race

2010 Kawasaki  KX65 Super mini Motard

2010 Kawasaki  KX65 Super mini Motard
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2010 Kawasaki KX65 Super mini Motard

Here is another super fun racer to get your elbows and knees dirty with. This little monster is a KX65 based MINI-TRACK racer designed to have hours of fun on. I just rebuild the motor as me and my 17 year old son Andrew completed a 4hr endurance race on this at the local go-cart track. This machine will fit full sized dudes (I’m full size all right 190lbs/5'11'') all the was down to peanut racer kids. The power is strong enough for anyone to enjoyFull Ohlins Suspension out back and Ohlins springs up front allow the little min i to stick to the corners like gum n your show. My son constantly was able to drag his elbows on the ground with this bike. Not to be out done by my kid I also went on to drag my elbow which was promptly followed by my shoulder, back and brand new Arai helmet...BLAHH!. Just ran out of talent I guess. The wheels are custom made EXCEL billet aluminum laced up with heavy duty spokes. Super sticky Dunlops get the job done holding you in place anyway in the track.This is a awesome way to break into road racing without the high cost (tires will last ALL season) and the high risk of injury. I fell off this thing about 10 times and always got up and walked away with just my ego injured while some little puke 8 to 12 year olds went blazing by me giving me the finger. Anyway this thing has never stop ticking. You drop it get back up and carry on. . Bike never ever breaks, you just get up kick it over and resume the battle! This is where real fun begins!

Engine: KX65, fresh over bore and new Hot Crank. FMF high rev pipe
Chassis: kawasaki suspended by custom Ohlins rear shock and custom Ohlins cartridge fork
Electronics: kawasaki
Special Modifications: kawasaki

Price (USD): $4500

Mileage: 0
Stock # 38
Type: Race

1980 Kawasaki KZ1000 Z1R

1980 Kawasaki KZ1000 Z1R1980 Kawasaki KZ1000 Z1R1980 Kawasaki KZ1000 Z1R1980 Kawasaki KZ1000 Z1R1980 Kawasaki KZ1000 Z1R1980 Kawasaki KZ1000 Z1R1980 Kawasaki KZ1000 Z1R1980 Kawasaki KZ1000 Z1R1980 Kawasaki KZ1000 Z1R
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1980 Kawasaki KZ1000 Z1R - Tough guys from the eighties...

This is a all original Kawasaki KZ1000 Z1R. It currently has 13k miles and its in very nice condition for its age. The gas tank is rust free. I purchased it from the original owner about 10 years ago. I rode it only from his house back to mine (about 40 miles) and then I drained the fuel and stuck it in my climate control museum to enjoy as a piece of moto art. Everything is stock on the bike except the Vance and Hines 4 into 1 exhaust. Tank has a 1 inch scratch on the left hand side but it is not dented. All the body panels are in great shape so there are no indications that this big boy has ever went unexpectedly surfing. Suprising because this thing is an absolute tank. It probably weighs close to 550 lbs with fuel. The front brake system is a unique mix of cable and hydrolic components. I have never seen anything like this any other bike. One of the special features of the Z1R. These bikes were the true sledgehammers of their day. If you owned one of these back in the early eighties you were definately singled out as a bad boy. Here’s what CYCLE magazine said about the Z1R BACK IN 1980:

This is no ordinary, run-to-the-store-for-a-loaf-of-bread-and-quart-of-milk Kawasaki here. No, sir. This is 1000 cc of rolling Probable Cause. This is an open-and-shut case of Profiling In The First Degree With Apparent Intent To Exceed The Posted Limits. This is a motorcycle which radiates the essence of motion so effectively that the cop hiding behind the billboard might suspect you were speeding when you came. past at ten miles per hour under the limit.

Make no mistake about it: the local Citizenry—including the guys in the black-and-white car with the red lights on the roof—will make a number of assumptions when they see you tooling past on a Z1-R, one of which is that as soon as you get out of their sight, the throttle will be thrust wide open, and you and your sleek, silvery motorcycle will disappear in one thunderous onslaught of ear-splitting noise and blinding speed. Joe Average hasn’t the foggiest idea why anyone would buy such a motorcycle, but he’s damned sure that whatever the reason, it has nothing to do with practicality, gas economy or around-town commuting.

The Zl-R will assuredly be termed “Café racer” by the motorcycling public, even though none of Kawasaki’s advertisements proclaim it as such, probably because of the possible legal ramifications of calling a street bike a “racer.” But the Z1-R is much more than just another pseudo-roadracer, anyway. It is, in our opinion, a masterpiece of styling integrity, a tidy, up-to-date design exercise that leaves previous Café attempts standing in the dust.

The R has what most bikes of its type do not—a styling theme, a common design thread which runs from one end of the bike to the other. The R’s theme is straight sides and sharp corners, and the execution is with graceful, angular lines that flow so naturally from one area to the next that the bodywork sometimes appears to be all one piece.

Engine: 1000cc in-line 4 cylinder
Chassis: stock Kawasaki Z1R
Electronics: stock
Special Modifications: Real nice original patina ice blue metalic paint, small scrath on lower left hand side of tank

Price (USD): $13500

Mileage: 13600
Stock # 49
Type: Street


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1983 Kawasaki KZ1000R EDDIE LAWSON REPLICA - Steady Eddie!

4500 mile ELR. It’s in great shape. All original and ready for your collection. If it is to be ridden the road it will need a full refreshing of all fluids and consumables. Battery, tires, brake fluid etc. otherwise in great shape. Old school super biking at it best.

Engine: 1000cc inline 4
Chassis: stock
Electronics: stock
Special Modifications: stoCK in really nice condition

Price (USD): $22000

Mileage: 4500
Stock # 57
Type: Street

2004 Kawasaki  ZX10R

2004 Kawasaki  ZX10R2004 Kawasaki  ZX10R2004 Kawasaki  ZX10R2004 Kawasaki  ZX10R
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2004 BFS RACING Kawasaki ZX10R

This is one of the best street bikes I have ever ridden, This particular 2004 model is set up with a Ohlins rear shock, 25 ml Ohlins cartridge fork, Galspeed light weight wheels, 520 chain/sprockets, Vortex rear sets, Leo-Vince Titanium slip-on with PC111R Power Commander, custom Core stainless steel brake lines, Brembo master cylinder and brand new Dunlop Q3's. Of course the bike sports a beautiful Lance Johnson Paint Worx ONE-OFF paint job to stand out in the crowd. So much fun on the street! Its has tons of power all in the right places. Power wheelies in 2nd and 3rd gear and stupid fast top end punch will keep you entertained every ride!

Engine: 1000cc inline 4
Chassis: Kawasaki with Ohlins front and Rear
Electronics: Power Commander PC111R
Special Modifications: Lance Johnson Paint Worx custom

Price (USD): $8500

Mileage: 7200
Stock # 82
Type: Street

2014 FTR Moto-GP CRT FTR 0014

2014 FTR Moto-GP CRT FTR 00142014 FTR Moto-GP CRT FTR 00142014 FTR Moto-GP CRT FTR 00142014 FTR Moto-GP CRT FTR 00142014 FTR Moto-GP CRT FTR 00142014 FTR Moto-GP CRT FTR 00142014 FTR Moto-GP CRT FTR 00142014 FTR Moto-GP CRT FTR 00142014 FTR Moto-GP CRT FTR 0014
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2014 AVISTA/FTR FTR Moto-GP CRT FTR 0014 - Yonny Hernandez, Hector Barberra

In 2013 Moto-GP grids were getting dangerously thin.The economic meltdown had a crippling effect on the motorcycle and racing industry. Costs to run a proper Moto-GP team were escalating rapidly and series sponsors were leaving the paddocks in herds. With no new money coming in to the sport and existing sponsors trimming budgets the horizon was bleak.. Populated by only 14 factory and factory backed satellite teams there was a distinct possibility that Moto-GP would collapse from lack of industry support. . Dora the managing party of Moto-Gp decided it was time to fill the grids with a support group of bikes that would be far less expensive to put on the track. Instead of the 10's of million dollar commitments to run a factory supported Moto-Gp bike, these new CRT bikes would allow upstart firms to play in the big league arena for a fraction of the cost. For the paulty sum of as little as $300k to $500k range a team could field a CRT bike. Of course these being production based power plant machines the full factory prototypes would still be the front runners but these CRT machines would still start with the Moto-GP and get some TV exposure. Power limitations, electronics and pure development dollars would all but guarantee that they would be at least few seconds a lap slower than the big guns. Some serious concessions were made so these new comers to the Moto-GP party wouldn't be embarrassedly slow compared to the full factory prototype efforts. The overall idea would pit a prototype frame from one of several extremely competent engineering firms with a production based engine. Unlimited ideas, concepts and materials would be allowed to be used in the chassis construction for this class. The frames would be adorned with the best possible suspension components, carbon brakes and unlimited forms of electronics. This concept attracted everal extremely passionate and talented firms whole heartedly embraced the idea of a cost effective Moto-GP bike. The mad scientist Jeff Maloney from GP-Tech constructed a the Franken-bike Suzuki GSXR1000 effort you can view here for sale on our website. That machine is a true backyard special. But lets give him some credit as it was on the Moto-GP grid at Indy!. Another American engineer Rich Stamboli from Attack Performance came up with the strikingly beautiful Attack Moto-GP racer. Where these machines followed the true flavor of the idea of a low cost entry into Moto-Gp several other firms attempted to exploit the rule book. The machine you see here is one of those designed and engineered to actually be completive with the factory prototypes. This was a no expense spared, well financed project that brought together some of the world finest craftsman and most exotic materials. This was one of the machines built for the Avintia team and millions of dollars were poured into this project. The result was a full-on racing prototype saddled with a production based Kawasaki ZX10R superbike motor. The frame is just nothing short of breath taking. Designed by the English firm FTR, it is truly amazing. Adjustable in every possible manner. Motor placement, swingarm pivot,steering neck can all be adjusted up/down/forward and back. Want to get lost in a sea of changes? This could with either be moto nirvana or a fucking nightnare. Fortunately the bike has reams of development notes to assist in setup. All this information was obtained from months of on track testing with Moto-GP caliper riders like Hector Barbarra and Yonny Hernandez. The very highest spec Ohlins front and rear full GP suspension handle the bumps. Carbon rotors and GP Spec Brembo mono-blocks calipers with carbon pads are there to throw out the anchors. These brakes are truly mind boggling in their ability to haul this machine down from 200 mph. The body is all one-off full carbon, with a carbon self supporting seat section. The hand fabricated aluminum fuel tank and oil catch tanks are pure art. Absolutely fascinating precision welds adorn every structural piece. The current power plant is a full on Kawasaki ZX10R superbike motor with over 230 horsepower residing at the rear wheel. Coupled with a full Motec fueling system and a Maranelli electronics package the tire shreading power hits the ground in a completely controlled manner. This is your ticket to Mot-GP for a fraction of the cost. Sale price includes a two full track days with our renowned technicians and chassis engineers to dial this bad boy in to your specific riding style. We can make this your bike. Of course you can also just put this in your living room or office and stare at it like a Picasso or Renoir. Your choice either one is seriously mega cool!

Engine: 1000cc Moto-GP superbike 230 rear wheel horsepower
Chassis: FTR Factory Prototype
Electronics: Motec/Marenelli
Special Modifications: Carbon complete

Price (USD): $150,000

Mileage: 0
Stock # 88
Type: Race

1989 Kawasaki  KX500

1989 Kawasaki  KX5001989 Kawasaki  KX5001989 Kawasaki  KX500
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1989 Team Green Kawasaki KX500

Here is a super mint 1989 KX500. This is the last of the conventional fork bikes. I purchased it as a basket case and rebuilt it from the bottom up. New bearing everywhere, completely new motor with crank, rod, piston and rings. Suspension is perfectly set up by Factory Connection for a 190lbs expert rider. It is a blast to ride. Though it pumps out a mind blowing 65 horsepower this particular bike is a peach to ride. Yes of course it will wheelie in every gear but the way this bike delvers the power is exceptionally smooth. It has a FMF gnarly pipe which brings the power on very early. You could use this as a woods/play bike or go out and smoke the competition in the local vintage moto track. It is ready to ride and enjoy.

Engine: 500cc single cylinder two stroker
Chassis: stock Kawasaki with full Factory Connection suspension
Electronics: stock
Special Modifications: perfect stock

Price (USD): $5000

Mileage: 0
Stock # 91
Type: Off-Road