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1995 Yamaha YZF750SP

1995 Yamaha YZF750SP1995 Yamaha YZF750SP1995 Yamaha YZF750SP1995 Yamaha YZF750SP1995 Yamaha YZF750SP1995 Yamaha YZF750SP
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1995 Yamaha YZF750SP

The Yamaha YZF750 is a motorcycle that was produced from 1993 to 1998 in two forms, the standard R and the homologation model single seat SP. The 750R was the only version sold in the US. Mechanically the later SP differed from the R in the following areas: adjustable swingarm pivot position, 39 mm Keihin FCR flatslide carburetors, a lower screen, a removable rear subframe and a single seat. The primary drive, gear box and final drive ratios are different on the SP. The rear suspension unit is different and vastly improved for the earlier SP however the R from 1996 also had the Ohlins rear shock. The SP was the homologation model of the Yamaha YZF750 for the World Superbike Championship before the rules changed to allow 1000cc bikes. This bike came to Superbike Universe from a friend out on the west coast who imported it from Canada in the early 90's. It's in great condition. The bodywork is exceptionally clean. It has about 7k miles on it. now. It has been in my museum for several years now and will need a complete refreshing of all consumables. It is must have to complete a Yamaha Superbike collection.

Engine: 750cc Water Cooled Inline 4 Cylinder - Tuned with Vance and Hines Pipe -123hp
Chassis: Aluminium Deltabox
Electronics: CDI Ignition
Special Modifications: Very Rare Pink and White 100% Original with scratches.

Price (USD): $9500

Mileage: 7200
Stock # 6
Type: Street

1999 Yamaha R7 OW-O2 SUPERBIKE
1999 Yamaha R7 OW-O2 SUPERBIKE

1999 Yamaha R7 OW-O2 SUPERBIKE1999 Yamaha R7 OW-O2 SUPERBIKE1999 Yamaha R7 OW-O2 SUPERBIKE1999 Yamaha R7 OW-O2 SUPERBIKE1999 Yamaha R7 OW-O2 SUPERBIKE1999 Yamaha R7 OW-O2 SUPERBIKE1999 Yamaha R7 OW-O2 SUPERBIKE1999 Yamaha R7 OW-O2 SUPERBIKE1999 Yamaha R7 OW-O2 SUPERBIKE
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1999 Team Graves Yamaha Yamaha R7 OW-O2 SUPERBIKE - Anthony Gobert, Norioki Haga

This is the REAL deal!. Whats better than a 750cc R7? How about 1178cc 190rwhp fire breather! This bike started life as one of the 500 limited OW-2 R7s that were manufactured by Yamaha to win the World Superbike Championship. It was delivered to Graves Motorsports who them went about completely building the most nasty super street bike ever. The bike was built to Formula Extreme specifications. First off we have the power plant. This is a full on superbike build. We have a BIG BORE 1178cc, Graves ported head, YEC kit cams, knife edged crank, Carillo titanium rods, undercut close ratio YEC transmission with slipper clutch, 41mm Kehien down draft flat slide carburators, fully pressurized carbon fiber air box. All those burnt gases exit a full Titanium Pro Motive YEC exhaust system. Keeping the motor cool is a massive YEC Superbike radiator (these were over $10k in the R7 YEC kit). This monster produced 184 rear wheel horsepower on the Dyno Jet 250. That was on pump gas! On VP MR12 it pushes out a clean 191 rewhip! Holy shit kinda power. Of course to harness the beast motor we have the very BEST of components for suspension and frame tech. The front fork is a Ohlins GP spec gas charged set up. This fork was over $40k when new but only available as a leased option at the time. So you paid over $40k and got a Ohlins technician to fine tune you in. (crazy stuff!) In the rear there is again Ohlins TTX GP shock. This is coupled to a YEC Kit swingarm and kit billet linkage that is next to unobtainium in the superbike parts world. The swingarm/linkage was over $15k if you could find a way to get one. The super light weight magnesium Marchesini wheels spin on ceramic bearings and are held in place with YEC kit titanium axles with quick change front and rear. 5 second wheels change? no problem! The braking system is nothing short of amazing. Up front We have a set of full factory YEC Nissan billet 6 piston radial calipers with quick release aircraft spec dry break disconnects and a tiny billet Nissan caliper out back. Of course the Master cylinder is a GP spec Brembo with remote adjustability. Stopping happens right NOW! As far as cosmetics go this R7/1 is finished off with a beautiful WEST paint work. The tank is equipped with a dry break or billet closure depending on application. The complete bike weighs in at a ridiculous 366 lbs with 1 gallon of fuel and full fluids. 366lbs wet!!! So did I mention every bolt on the bike is Titanium? Yes its super light weight, super powerful and super rare. It cost well over $100k to build this monster. Are you man enough to own it?

Engine: 1178cc
Chassis: YEC Kit equipped superbike frame
Electronics: YEC KIT box (unobtainium!)
Special Modifications: factory YAMAHA R7

Price (USD): $$40,000

Mileage: 0
Stock # 8
Type: Race

1990 Yamaha FZR750RR OW-01

1990 Yamaha FZR750RR OW-011990 Yamaha FZR750RR OW-011990 Yamaha FZR750RR OW-011990 Yamaha FZR750RR OW-011990 Yamaha FZR750RR OW-011990 Yamaha FZR750RR OW-011990 Yamaha FZR750RR OW-011990 Yamaha FZR750RR OW-011990 Yamaha FZR750RR OW-011990 Yamaha FZR750RR OW-01
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1990 Vance and Hines Factory Yamaha Yamaha FZR750RR OW-01 - Dave Dadowski and Thomas Stevens

Here is a really sweet example of Yamaha's attempt to dominate AMA and World Superbike. With only 500 examples produced for the worldwide market this is the rarest of the Homogalation factory specials from the Superbike heyday. These bikes had a special Delta Box frame and very high end suspension provided by Ohlins. This particular bike was one of 17 that were brought into the United States to contest the AMA Superbike championship. It was originally delivered to Vance and Hines racing in California and led its early life as a back up bike for Dave Sadowski. Sadowski went on to win the Daytona 200 on the OW-01 Superbike in 1990. The bike was adorned with many YEC kit Superbike parts at the time. It was eventually returned to somewhat stock configuration and is presented today in this form. It still features a set of kit 39mm Kehien carbs, YEC kit exhaust and a kit braced Swing arm. Wheels are light weight three spoke Marvic magnesium. The body is a combination of 8hr Suzuka YEC and custom Vance and Hines sharkskins. Bike only has 1500 miles on it and is fresh as the day it rolled off the V&H transporter. Add this to your Yamaha collection today!

Engine: 750cc in-line 4 cylinder
Chassis: YEC Ohlins
Electronics: YEC kit
Special Modifications:

Price (USD): $25000

Mileage: 1500
Stock # 42
Type: Street

1997 Yamaha YZF750

1997 Yamaha YZF7501997 Yamaha YZF7501997 Yamaha YZF7501997 Yamaha YZF7501997 Yamaha YZF750
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1997 Yamaha YZF750

If this just rolled out of the shipping crate it couldn’t look any finer. This 1997 Yamaha YZF750R is a one owner bike that is in pristine condition. The bike runs perfect. I bought it to ride when I was Florida on vacation for a couple of weeks and couldn’t resist. The prior owner was completely anal. I have a log book of all services etc. Anyway I blew off my flight back to Vermont and rode her all the way home . It was then stuffed in the corner of the collection and for a few months until i drained all the rule, sprayed the inside of the tank with oil to prevent any rusting and it was stored in my climate controlled museum for the last 15 years. It still rolls on the original tires and such so It will need a full reconditioning of consumables. The body is flawless, it has the rare seat cowl and is really a beautiful example. If you had one of these back in the day and need to re-live your youth jump on board. Before this bike is sold it will receive a complete going through.

Engine: 750cc in-line 4 cylinder
Chassis: Stock Yamaha
Electronics: Yamaha
Special Modifications: Pristine stock with rare seat cowl

Price (USD): $8500

Mileage: 4400
Stock # 51
Type: Street

2003 Yamaha R7/1

2003 Yamaha R7/12003 Yamaha R7/12003 Yamaha R7/12003 Yamaha R7/1
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2003 Graves/Yamaha Factory Yamaha R7/1 - Damon Buckmaster

Sometimes cheating isn’t really cheating. In early 2003 Chuck Graves with the full support go Factory Yamaha decided that the new AMA Formula Extreme Championship would be a nice addition to the trophy shelf. Yamaha supplied Graves Motorsports with one of its beautiful jewel like R7’s that it had hanging around the race shop. In this power mad series Formula Extreme allowed you to basically run any bike you want as long as it was Homogalated for use in the United States. The general rule was you had to start off with a street bike and you could modify it to the tits. A major rule stated that at least 50% of the original models frame must be intact. Other than that it was pretty much balls to the wall when it came to modification. So crafty Chuck Graves and his merry crew of mad scientists went about creating the R7/1.

This was the married of the sweet handling superbike package of the R7 OW-02 and a monster 194 rewhip 1078cc R1 Superbike power plant. The result was the finest handling, fastest FX bike on the grid. Grave’s rider Damon Buckmaster started the season by absolutely smoking the competition in the first 6 races. At this point the other teams were fed up watching the Graves Monster make their efforts look futile. The top teams ( you know who you are and you are all friends so I won’t single anyone out) decide to protest the Graves creation because the R7 was never Homogalated for use in the United States. Being a limited production true factory special it was only produced in 1999-2000 for a total of 500 units worldwide. Chuck and crew wherein a tough spot.

After the protest the AMA decided that the R7/1 was intact not in the spirit of the rules and decided to allow the team to keep the previous rounds 6 wins but not allow the R7/1 creation to race the rest of the season in its current guise. So Graves and Company rip back to the shop and go about making the the R7/1 “conform” to the rule book. I have many factory race bikes that are essentially one off frames, motors, etc that all “conformed” to the rules of the time. Those just kinda bent a steering neck here or there, used unobtainim parts but generally looked like the production model. What Graves and his boys came back to the grid with next week was nothing short of masterful manipulation of rules and engineering. They basically covered the existing R7 frame with about 40% the frame rails of a production R1. This allowed the tank to be changed to a stock R1 and then they added a R1 tail section. The skillful addition allowed the Team to continue crushing the completion with Buckamster at the next round 8 rounds on his way to the FX Championship. On top of that the frame modification made the bike even better due to the extreme bracing.

The reason why this bike was winning everything in sight is because it handled better than anything else on the grid by a far margin. The front end not the r7/1 is as close to perfection as you can get. The rear speaks to the riders throttle input like no other bike i have EVER ridden. I can back this thing into a corner full on the front brakes so smoothly its almost telepathic. The bike specs reads like moto-crack heads wish list. The front fork is a rare FACTORY Ohlins 46mm USD with magnesium lowers. These jewels are clamped in place by a massive Graves adjustable billet triple tree. The front brakes are the GP spec Brembo Endurance series with Titanium pucks. They are connected to the Brembo radial master clylinder via quick disconnect aircraft style dry brake stainless steel lines. The rear is suspended by a factory Ohlins one off shock that was originally designed for Formula-one Ferrari. I just had it refreshed and the technicians at Ohlins are asking me how I got my hands on it, as they have never seen one released from their facility. Anyway the refreshed it and grudgingly sent it back to me. The frame is really just a R7 factory unit with extreme bracing over the top third of it from the headstock to the mid spar. The rest is all YEC FACTORY kit stuff. Swingers, quick change spindles etc. All from the 8 hr of Suzuka YEC R7.

When we finally get to the motor things really get interesting. The Graves Boys built a true mental giant. Yes the R1 based 1078cc, 41 mm Kehein field, carbon ram airbox making honking horsepower. Over 195 at the rear wheel. But this isn’t a light switch ride thats ready to flick you into orbit the minute you twist the throttle. Far from it. Its just a wick smooth progression of power that starts down low and just keeps going on forever. Its a power that is not present in today’s “electronic” bikes. The carburation is absolutely spot on. No hick ups...just pull,pull,pull,pull. It takes a expert rider to truly ring this things neck but it is extremely forgiving. I actually put my 76 years old son on this bike at a recent track day and it converted him from a Moto-X worshipper to “Holy shit Dad that thing is amazing.” Anyway there were a bunch of article about this particular bike in SportRider and Road Racing World back in the day. I’ll share a copy here. Enjoy the photos and contact me if you have real interest.

Engine: 1078cc Superbike 195 RWHP
Chassis: YAMAHA R7
Electronics: YEC
Special Modifications: R7/R1

Price (USD): $40000

Mileage: 0
Stock # 55
Type: Race

1984 Yamaha FZ750

1984 Yamaha FZ750 1984 Yamaha FZ750 1984 Yamaha FZ750 1984 Yamaha FZ750 1984 Yamaha FZ750 1984 Yamaha FZ750 1984 Yamaha FZ750 1984 Yamaha FZ750 1984 Yamaha FZ750
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1984 team yamaha Yamaha FZ750 - eddie lawson

Here’s a prime example of the era when the superbike really started to grow up. Yamaha moved technology a step forward with its 5 valve per cylinder Genesis 750cc in-line four. The unique motor was canted at a 45 degree angle in the steel perimeter frame so the down draft carbs could better feed the rev hungry motor as much fuel as possible. In its day it was a heads up competitor to the revolutionary GSXR750. Those two went head to head in all the sport bike magazine reviews and the on the race tracks across the country. For 1985 Team Yamaha recruited their Moto GP champion Eddie Lawson to bring home the first place trophy at the prestiges Daytona 200. That victory confirmed the Genises 5 Valve motor would see no less than 6 revisions in the next 20 years!. This bike is a year one model in good condition. It is completely stock down (except for a FOX rear shock) to the exhaust system. These are almost impossible to find now because they were very prone to rusting out. The gas tank is rust free. It has been in my collection for many years and will need a full reconditioning of all consumables prior to putting it back on the road again. Of course our factory trained staff of mechanics will be more than happy to get their greedy hands on this classic and get her back to top road condition. The bike is currently on loan to Connecticut Motorcycle Museum in Rockville, Connecticut. If you are a enthusiast plan on taking a trip to view this machine in person and the many others that are on display.

Engine: 750cc iN-line 4 cylinder
Chassis: stock Yamaha with a FOX rear twin clicker shock
Electronics: stock
Special Modifications: stock in nice condition

Price (USD): $6500

Mileage: 11000
Stock # 59
Type: Street

2015 Yamaha R1M

2015 Yamaha R1M2015 Yamaha R1M2015 Yamaha R1M2015 Yamaha R1M
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2015 YEC Team Yamaha Yamaha R1M - Be like Valentino...this isn't to from from his 2 million dollar M1R

The absolutely pinnacle of the electronic age of super biking is right here. The R1M is the bike that pretty much changes all aspects of road riding and track days. You now have the ability to fine your riding skills electronically. Want to slide out of a corner with the rear tire spinning so fluidly that it is second nature rather than a shit your pants moment? This is your ride then. It has traction control with 9 setting that are so smooth in their introduction that is next to undetectable by the seat of the pants. come back into the pits and the rear tire is being looked after and progressively wearing at a perfect rate. You have wheelie control in three levels of intrusion, launch control, slide angle control, full race ABS braking and a multitude of power delivery settings. Each of these electronic advances are so progressive that you’ll be believing that on your return trip to the pits there will be a factory Moto Gp contract waiting for your John Hancock. Yes its that good!. After 35 years of racing and road riding nothing I have EVER ridden delivers the level of confidence to your riding experience than a r1m. This bike has around 800 miles on it, a full Titanium Yoshimura exhaust, and a full ECU flash to allow clutches up and down shifting. Of course I fitted a light weight Ballistic battery and finally a Dyno Tuned 193 rear wheel horse power on pump gas. Brand new set of Pirelli Super Corsa’s have just been spooned on to replace the shitty stock Brigestones. This is the bike. Simply the best modern road bike every produced.

Engine: 1000cc of ridiculously smooth cross plain in line 4 cylinder horsepower
Chassis: Ohlins electronic suspension front and rear
Electronics: forget advanced you better plan on reading the manual about 20 times. Once you understand its capabilities you'll be blown away
Special Modifications: carbon stock

Price (USD): $23000

Mileage: 800
Stock # 62
Type: Street

1998 Yamaha R1

1998 Yamaha R11998 Yamaha R11998 Yamaha R11998 Yamaha R11998 Yamaha R11998 Yamaha R11998 Yamaha R1
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1998 Yamaha R1

Here’s a super sweet 1998 R1. In the much desired white and red livery this bike has seen just 8k miles of road use. I bought it from the first owner a few years back. it was completely stock at the time. I decided to modify it with the idea of making a better handling, braking and powerful bike. Well I got this this one just right. Up front is a 2006 R1 front fork with a 25 ml Ohlins cartridge kit clamped in a 2006 triple clamp. I replaced the rear shock with a Ohlins remote adjustable TTX,. The front brakes have been upgraded to Brembo mono block radial calipers with custom Core stainless brakes lines all pulled together with a Brembo 19/29 radial master cylinder. I fitted up a beautiful set of magnesium Marchasini wheels in white for quick turn in and reduce unsprung weight. The motor has been enlightened with a thinner YEC head gasket, jetted stock carbs and a full titanium Arakapovic exhaust with a Carbon can. The stock body work is in really nice shape. It’s one of my favorite street bikes. almost 20 years old and still a real head turner. I have all the stock parts to return to original spec but for my taste this is just perfect.

Engine: 1000cc 5 valve per cylinder Genesis inline 4
Chassis: optimized with Ohlins front and rear, Marchasini wheels
Electronics: stock
Special Modifications: stock in nice condition

Price (USD): $12000

Mileage: 8000
Stock # 63
Type: Street

2006 Yamaha R1 Limited

2006 Yamaha R1 Limited2006 Yamaha R1 Limited2006 Yamaha R1 Limited2006 Yamaha R1 Limited2006 Yamaha R1 Limited2006 Yamaha R1 Limited2006 Yamaha R1 Limited2006 Yamaha R1 Limited
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2006 Yamaha R1 Limited

This R1 is number 455 of 500 produced for worldwide distribution. This was Yamaha's attempt to trump the other Jap manufacturers with a Limited Edition special. Yamaha opened the check book and added Ohlins forks, and Ohlins rear shock, a slipper clutch and Marchasini light weight wheels. They finished these bikes off in a special bumble bee yellow Yamaha racing paint job. To enhance the already stout power plant I added a full titanium Graves exhaust, YEC velocity stacks, YEC cams, YEC head gasket and a PC3R Power Commander fuel controller. On the Dyno Jet 250 it produces a very healthy 173.6 rwhp. It is a very top loaded type of power and extremely exciting when riding it to its full potential. The 5 valve per cylinder motor just loves to scream to redline. It has a very noticeable power band type of delivery. Great for super high speed wheelies! I have owned this one since birth and I have been the only rider. A great liter bike bike without the electronic age taking away all the drama!

Engine: 1000cc inline 4
Chassis: Yamaha stock
Electronics: Power Commander PC3R
Special Modifications: stock

Price (USD): $18000

Mileage: 13000
Stock # 68
Type: Street

1985 Yamaha RZV500R

1985 Yamaha RZV500R1985 Yamaha RZV500R1985 Yamaha RZV500R1985 Yamaha RZV500R1985 Yamaha RZV500R1985 Yamaha RZV500R
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1985 Yamaha RZV500R

Very rare RZV500R. This is a V4 cylinder 500cc two stroke ripper!. So much fun. Never officially imported into the US this bike is a full power Canadian model. Bike is in perfect condition wide extremely low original miles under 5500km or about 3,000 miles. I aquaria this bike about 15 years ago from a collector in California who "imported" it. That said it has never been registered in the United States and will be sold a a race bike with no title. Pretty easy to register though just need to bring it to a friendly state (ex:Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire) for a vin check and you will be issued a registration no problem. Anyway these things are wicked cool. It handles great and has real POWERBAND. Zip through the gears on the way to redline in every gear and you are rewarded with the sweet sound of two stroker BRAAAAAAP! music. Nothing like 4 cylinders spewing sweet smelling burnt oil into the morning air. Green Peacers and Tree Huggers will cry out in pain as you fly by them filling the air with a blue cloud of burnt gas and oil. Oh yes BRAAAAAP is alive and we'll. Just waiting to added to your collection. The fairings on this bike were replaced with OEM parts that came with the bike when I originally acquired it. There were a couple of niks and chips in the original stuff but it was not previously crashed. So with this bike you get a perfect body and the very rare single seat tail cover. I promise a full refund if you go to you local bike drive in and some other nut case is on of these.

Engine: v4 500cc 4 cylinder 2 stroke madness
Chassis: Yamaha stock
Electronics: Yamaha
Special Modifications: OEM perfect museum quality

Price (USD): $20000

Mileage: 5500
Stock # 75
Type: Street

1987  Yamaha FZR750RT

1987  Yamaha FZR750RT1987  Yamaha FZR750RT1987  Yamaha FZR750RT1987  Yamaha FZR750RT1987  Yamaha FZR750RT1987  Yamaha FZR750RT
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1987 Yamaha Yamaha FZR750RT

This bike was the start of Yamaha's move toward superbike racing homogalation specials in the late 80's. I remember walking into the local Yamaha shop and seeing this bike on the floor in all its glory. With a $8999 price tag and the requirement that you produce a AMA or WERA superbike license to be a actual purchaser this bike owning it would have been the holy grail for fledgling road racers. Just 150 bikes were released to the racing public in the US in 1987 making this bike a 'under the radar' collectable for now. I believe this bike will follow in the path of the later model 0W-01 that came just a few years later and is now a 'unobtainium" bike. This particular bike is in perfect condition. With just over 1000 miles on the clock it is barely broken in. The tires, exhaust, brakes and everything else are all original as it should be with a bike of such low miles. It has been stored in my private museum for over 15 years now and will need a complete refreshing of consumables to get it up to speed. It will make a great book end to a Yamaha superbike collection or a perfect contender for WERA V6 vintage superbike. This was the start of the Delta-Box perimeter frames that basically all superbikes went on to adapt. Simple bike to work on also.

Engine: 750cc iN-line 4 cylinder Genesis Frame
Chassis: Aluminum perimeter Delta-Box
Electronics: yamaha
Special Modifications: stock yamaha perfect condition

Price (USD): $12000

Mileage: 1004
Stock # 89
Type: Street

1999 Yamaha R7/1

1999 Yamaha R7/11999 Yamaha R7/11999 Yamaha R7/11999 Yamaha R7/11999 Yamaha R7/11999 Yamaha R7/11999 Yamaha R7/11999 Yamaha R7/1
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1999 GRAVEs/Yamaha Factory Yamaha R7/1 - Anthony Gobert, Damon Bucmaster

Full factory YEC/Graves prepared R7 Superbike. Nasty 175 RWHP 750cc 15k rpm superbike build. Every possible YEC R7 kit part has been installed and massaged to produce the ultimate 750cc superbike. The heat is kept in check with a massive YEC/Febor radiator and the pent gases get blown out of a YEC kit titanium exhaust, Up front we have a gas charged GP spec Ohlins fork, clamped in a Graves adjustable triple clamp, Titanium axle supports a quick change 16.5 magnesium Marchesini wheel. Brakes are jewelry like 6 piston Nissan billet radial calipers fed by a stainless steel quick release brake lines and 20mm Brmebo radial master cylinder. Out back there is a YEC kit swingers with a quick change Titanium axle and a tiny Nissan rear brake caliper. Of course a GP spec Ohlins TTX35 with YEC kit linkage takes care of the rear suspension duties. Every bolt is titanium or stainless. The detail on this bike is truly amazing. Everywhere you look there is something that grabs your attention. The bodywork is all sharkskin and the tank has a Dry brake quick filler. To replicate the build on this bike you would be out more than $150k in parts. Forget about the time involved. . It's available here at Superbike Universe to become your superbike showpiece. Track it or display either way this is motorcycling nirvana.

Engine: 750cc full factory superbike
Chassis: YEC Ohlins suspened
Electronics: YEC Kit ECU and wiring harness
Special Modifications: SHarkskin fiberglass

Price (USD): $40000

Mileage: 0
Stock # 108

2015 Yamaha YZF-R1

2015 Yamaha YZF-R12015 Yamaha YZF-R12015 Yamaha YZF-R12015 Yamaha YZF-R12015 Yamaha YZF-R12015 Yamaha YZF-R1
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2015 WitchKraft Yamaha YZF-R1 - Eddie Kraft / Taylor Knapp

Specifications, 2015 Yamaha R1:

- Bike is currently owned by Honda East of Toledo (Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Aprilia Dealer)

- Never Titled / New owner will be first official owner

- Chassis measured/optimized by GMD Computrack

- Jamie Hanshaw Blueprinted Engine - (w/Motul 300V)

- Transmission recall performed

- Bike Dyno'd and mapped by Hoffer Performance (on Sunoco spec fuel,


- Yoshimura Alpha Exhaust System (Carbon)

- Sharskinz Bodywork (Uncrashed)

- Front Fender Mount Kit - allowing calipers to stay in place during wheel swaps

- Professional paint job by Andrew Swenson Designs ($1,000 paint job)

- Quick Release Bodywork Pieces w/R-clips (upper and lower)

- Zero Gravity "Yamaha Race" Windscreen

- SEO Composites Carbon Fiber Tank Shroud

- K-Tech DDS Gas Cartridge Fork Kit - Built and Tuned Joe Kraft/Lenny Albin (freshened 09/16)

- K-Tech DDS Shock (10 spring w/special Preload Piston) - Built and Tuned by Joe Kraft/Lenny Albin (freshened 09/16)

- FTECU ECU/Electronics with Race Team Package

- Dynojet Quickshifter w/Auto-Blip

- YEC Kit Wiring Harness

- YEC Kit Plugs (new 09/16)

- Ballistic Lightweight Battery

- MWR Air Filter

- Spiegler Stainless Steel Brake Lines - Front/Rear

- Vesrah Brake Pads and Castrol SRF Fluid (fresh fluid, 09/16)

- Evol Technology Rearsets

- Evol Technology Clip-Ons

- LighTech Break-Away Levers (what Factory Yamaha MotoGP uses)

- Motion Pro Revolver/Progressive Throttle

- Ohlins Steering Damper

- Pit Bull Sprockets / 520 DID Gold Chain

- Spider Grips

- Samco Hose Kit (Custom, black)

- Lightened Rear Brake Rotor

- Fast Frank Captive Wheel Spacers - Front and Rear

- Fast Frank Captive Rear Brake Caliper - for quick wheel swaps

- Yoshimura Case Covers

- Pit Bull Swingarm Spools

- Yoyodyne Keyless Gas Cap

- Cox Racing Radiator Guard

- Kit Radiator Cap

- Adjusted Stock Slipper Clutch

- Dunlop Race Tires (1 race)

- Wired to WERA/CCS spec

- Bike completely torn down/rebuilt - swingarm, linkage, steering stem, rotors honed, etc. (09/16)

- Other bits and pieces we're forgetting

Engine: Millennium Technologies/ Jamie Hanshaw Superstock Build
Chassis: K-Tech Gas/K-Tech DDS
Electronics: FTECU with Race Team Package
Special Modifications: Sharkskinz

Price (USD): $22,900

Mileage: 0
Stock # 110

1989 Yamaha FZR1000

1989 Yamaha FZR10001989 Yamaha FZR10001989 Yamaha FZR10001989 Yamaha FZR10001989 Yamaha FZR10001989 Yamaha FZR10001989 Yamaha FZR10001989 Yamaha FZR1000
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1989 Yamaha FZR1000

For being 28 years old the bike looks and runs awesome! It has less than 18k original miles, has never been dropped and has only a few minor cracks around the fairing mounting areas from the tightening of the bolts, which is normal for these older more brittle plastics (see near bolts in pics attached).

The 1989 version, crowned the "Bike of the Decade" by Cycle World, had 0-60 acceleration of 2.9 seconds, and a top speed of over 167 mph. I purchased one of these brand new in Miami Fl in 1989. I got on it and road that bike all the way the Newline Vermont, 1460 miles in two days. It was a amazing adventure and the bike never missed a beat ripping off 700+ mile days with ease. This is truly a sports cruiser rather than a rep-racer R1. This particular dual headlight model was only produced one year, Yamaha went to the single (ugly) headlight in 1990. Anyway buy this unit, gas it up and head to for the opposite coast! We can deliver this bike anywhere in the United States for $500 enclosed and insured.

A few notes about the bike:

* The bike was owned by 1 famous owner from new until when I bought it three years ago. It was a famous biker from the publishing world who collects bikes (Forbes magazine) and the bike was in Palm Beach all of its life until I got it. I have a copy of the title with his info on it that I can provide.

* The bike was purchased from him for $4,500 and needed some TLC.

* The bike had extensive work done to get the bike all up to modern running equipment. I spent over $4,500... All well documented (will provide) at Fast by Ferracci.

* I also had a GPR slip-on imported from Italy (over $500) and it sounds awesome!

* The carbs were also completely rebuilt, last summer 2016, and has all new gaskets - the engine runs amazingly well!

* We over $9,500 invested in the bike. Went way overboard in its preparation. My loss, your happy smiles!!

Engine: 1000cc 5 valve per cylinder Genesis inline 4
Chassis: DELTA BOX
Electronics: Yamaha
Special Modifications: Stock Yamaha in very nice condition.

Price (USD): $$5,500

Mileage: 18
Stock # 111