The Ultimate Sportbike Collection from the ’80s, ’90s, ’00s and today–For Sale!

Welcome to Superbike Universe!

Superbike Universe is an exclusive showroom for some very unique, rare, and fast motorcycles from the 80s, 90s, 2000s, and today. The majority of the items listed on this site are part of a single collection of over 200 historic and classic superbikes. This collection represents one of the premier superbike collections in the United States. It has taken over 25 years of networking, trading, racing, and riding to source the bikes, cars, and parts displayed here. We have direct access to many factory race teams from all over the world and we are gearing up to obtain machinery that was previously unobtainable by the general public. We also allow other collectors and race teams to display their bikes for sale. This is obviously a very exclusive arrangement that is by invite only. You will be blown away at what we plan to make available.

Each spectacular superbike in this collection has a truly unique story behind it. Some are from foreign lands and some from dark and dingy basements just around the corner. Others have been painstakingly assembled from a collection of parts. We have endeavored to share some great stories, detailed race histories and beautiful photos that go with each of these collectable motorcycles, cars and exotic race parts. We plan to debut a few new bikes from the various collections on a weekly basis so stay on board.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the bikes displayed here, please send an email to and we will put you in touch with the item’s owner for a direct sale.

Superbike Universe is constantly in a state of flux and we are always purchasing new and exciting collectable superbikes, but our room is limited. This means out with old, in with the new! We also have access to immediate buyers of exotic superbike and factory race bikes, parts etc. So if your buddy has an Ex-Yoshimura Suzuka 8-Hours Endurance bike in his garage let us know.

Superbike Universe, where we work hard to keep the “Knee Down and Skull Up.”

Enjoy!!!! All your comments would be greatly appreciated.